The War of the Trumpets

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    The first war was the war of the mouth. The trumpet player learned to speak notes and music after losing his mouth and regaining his strength slowly mentally uncertain about the whereabout of his trumpet he learned to create his sound. The first war was learned in the Notes & Playing period.

    * head
    * lips
    * body
    * eyes

    * strenght
    * endurance
    * symmetry

    (face & lips warrior)

    The second war was the war of the helmet. The trumpet player learned to relate his skull to his face and, after becoming mentally uncertain about the whereabouts of his soul, he learned to morph his sound. The second war is learned in the Tone & Breaking period.

    * head
    * face
    * mouth
    * shoulders

    * force
    * encapsulation
    * direction
    * asymmetry

    (legs & face warrior)

    The third war was the war of the combat. The trumpet player learned to relate his musical self to his body and, after being fearful about his own body and the warrior inside his mind, he learned compassion and self reflection. The third war is learned in the Zen & Body period.

    * body
    * hands
    * feet
    * skull
    * teeth
    * heart

    * coherence
    * protection
    * awareness

    (body & skull & hands warrior)

    The fourth war was the war of the subconsciousness. The trumpet player learned to relate his coherent body to his balanced soul, and was put to the test by his subconscious master, he learned self protection and how to fight his own shadow. The fourth war is learned in the Soul & Reflection period.

    * body
    * mind
    * knight (tonights entertainment)

    * certainty
    * range
    * endurance
    * balance
    * reaction

    (total zen)

    This is a hierarchy of methods where each method encapsulates the other. The attempted road towards a perfect embouchure that continuously repeats. Something to be grateful for and thank anyone, even an invisible force, hell; maybe even your own momma.

    Zen is about inner spheres, materials, directions, transformations, colours, feelings, threads, awareness, connections, interfaces on the natural embouchure and on direction vector etc. You build and continuously rebuild your own mind through zen and awareness into the eternal embouchure.

    Herbie 'Ravin Wushu' van Tetering.
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