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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Octiceps, Jul 14, 2010.

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    While I can see and understand what you are saying, I think that an aspect you have missed is that the art of both creating and playing trumpets is not a static thing. There are always going to be innovations in design and in approaches to the instrument, both from a playing and teaching perspective. You yourself play Monette instruments and at one point I believe you posted a comment about the amount of time and effort Dave and Co. put into R&D, so apparently innovation is still going on and trumpet design is not static. To add to that, Renold Schilke was probably the first person to put R&D of trumpet design into a true scientific format in his approach to fine tuning and coming to conclusions he felt made the perfect trumpets and mouthpieces. Does Dave approach things in a similar manner that Renold did? I hope so.

    I agree that many of the large concepts of building and playing trumpets have been defined, but to cut it off to what you think is a simple, static, "blunt truth" is to shut your eyes to the possibility that there is still room for improvement, even if those improvements are small, and it takes lengthy discussion and expansion on the minutiae before the improvements can be made.

    Who knows, maybe someone will come out of one of those discussions with a new idea that will revolutionize some aspect of the world of the trumpet once they have had the chance to flesh it out and give it a go. If it weren't for people like that, everyone would be playing the same brand of trumpet and mouthpiece, and trumpet would still be taught and learned the same way indefinitely.
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    The shill bidding accusations were made because the seller is a crook. It was a service to the eBay trumpet buying community. It is good to have this information out there in order to warn the public.
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    No, sorry, I am too busy playing my horn.......well, I am curious, but no.....well, maybe.....?????

    Octiceps - how do YOU find time to read all that stuff? Give us a break and go practice, yourself!! If you don't see the irony in your post, LOOK AGAIN!!
    By the way, I am a speed reader -2200 words a minute, and I type 200 wpm. And I practice right handed, while typing lefthanded and reading music with my right eye and the web with my left.

    OK, rowuk, go ahead and move us to the Lounge. I'll call ahead and buy the next round.:evil:
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    Our rabbit celebrity has once again appeared! :thumbsup:

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    My apologies to all! I left my computer unattended and just discovered that last post attributed to me which was typed by my cat, Bear.
    I decided not to delete it because I need it as evidence when I confront him later.:oops:
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    I have only been on this site a couple of months. I joined almost as soon as I worked-up the courage to get a teacher and play for someone. The last time I had the horn regularly in my hands was 8th grade in 1975. So, I have 8th graders knowledge and technique at 48 years old, after almost a year on the comeback trail. I know that I may have asked stupid questions that may seem obvious to others but you all have been patient and I greatly appreciate it. It is good to have your opinions and helpful hints which I have already used.

    Some of you who play regularly with others have said that you have learned from better players while “gigging”. Well, until I am able to do that, you are the better players whose advice I am reading and learning from here on TM.

    As for gear envy, that started creeping in after joining TM. I must admit that I do love a beautiful horn. But, I also learned a lesson when my daughter tried the trumpet for one semester in high school. That is what got me back into the game. She came home with the most beat-up, low rent horn. In no way am I say that I am good. But, I was able to get a really nice tone when doing scales on it. We both learned that I sounded the same on her horn or my Bach ML 37. She quickly understood from then on, it was what she did “with” the horn, not the horn itself. That was reinforced for me too, wish it were not true.

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    Awww...when Bear, the cat saw the rabbit, he just had to say,"Hi!" ;-)

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    That's a very good post, and I suspect the same thing. A good percentage of the stuff posted on line can't be from accomplished and/or experienced players.
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    I know that rabbit. I've seen him before somewhere, I'm sure of it.

    TURTLE wants to know if you want to RACE .... How bout it Hare?

    I say The Mendez version of La Virgin de la Macarena at 20 paces. First one to finish wins. It should only take me (conservative estimate) around 6 months. :lol:

    The Tortoise

    I think the bunny should have to balance the pancakes. Fair? :dontknow:
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