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Discussion in 'Horns' started by Larry Gianni, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Larry Gianni

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    Nov 11, 2003
    Los Angeles

    I had a few private e-mails about my association with any trumpet manufacters. I'd like to clear something up and well, you got me ,

    I have to admit - "I DON'T WORK FOR ANY ONE OF THEM."

    I receive no pay from Calicchio , at all. In fact, if I order a part or trumpet from Calicchio, not only do I have to wait my turn , but I pay for it. In fact, i think sometimes , I get put to the back of the list because they know I won't bitch. or John will " smooth talk me " out of my fury.

    My history with Calicchio is that in the second half of the 80's ( 86-90 ), I was involved at Calicchio's a a clinician and spokesman. I was involded in the qualify control aspect of the company and helped in the process of developing new models.

    John Duda was the bell maker at that time and we formed a strong friendship along with a guy named Joe Lintz who worked at Benge with Zig Kanstul and John's father , Lou Duda. Joe Lintz retired from Calicchio's

    During that time , I believe the best Hollywood Calicchio's were produced passed the death of Dominic in 1978. Everyone in the shop really cared about putting out a quality product and the techniques that Joe and John brought ot the shop was invaluble.

    check out the website and you'll see all of them while at Calicchio's in Hollywood.

    The whole company consisted of Chris Calicchio . Joe. John and myself.
    Irma Calicchio mainly handled the front office.

    So that the scoop , no good mystery here. John Duda always put out the best quality he could and the bell making process at Calicchio's is like no other in the business. Dominec handed it down to only a few and it's physically demanding, tedious and meticlulous, but that's one main reason , Calicchio's sound like no other trumpet.


  2. MPM

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    Nov 10, 2003
    Larry Gianni

    Hello Readers,

    Larry is a good friend and he speeks the truth here. I know he's been asked to "work" for a few companies, and turned them down. His relationship / history with the Calicchio people are as he says.

    I too, know John Duda & know he's "dedicated" to making the bet Calicchio trumpets possible. With Dave Johnson working there I hear nothing but the best about the horns they're are putting out!

    I don't play Calicchio now (sold mine to Dave Johnson 3 + years ago ) but were it not for 'Scodwell' I'd be playing a 1s-2 ... gold plated!

    Best regards,


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