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    Dec 7, 2003
    I suggest to all here if you are not subscribed to this, you really should be.
    ITG - The International Trumpet Guild
    This is where you find real answers from honest-to- gosh real players and pedagogues. Interesting articles by and on players past and present and you know it is the real thing.
    Youngsters here can get a much lower student subscription (with proof of actually being a student, of course) and still have access the the ITG Junior which you can find here as it is.
    If you are really serious about the all aspects of the trumpet, you really need to subscribe. Many of you may find that what you were told years ago is pure tripe and for the youngsters here, you will realize that there are those of us who really do know what we are talking about.
    Once subscribed, you have access to all the journals from years gone by.
    Rich T.

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