Thoughts on the arban manual.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Overtones, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Hello Overtones. Go to Discount Sheet Music and Books for Piano, Guitar, Choral and more, Order the, My First Arban/My first Arban,Book 2/My First Clarke. These Music books are published by Carl Fisher. Total cost around $32.00.

    Work with your Music Teacher and start with these Arban and Clark Music exercises first. These will give you a good solid foundation,before going into any of these other more advanced music book Arban methods, etc.

    By the time you have fully mastered and can play all of the exercises of above mentioned books. You will know for sure if serious Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhornhorn playing is in your upcoming future.

    Take care,good luck,work with your Music Teacher/Band Director and go slowly.
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    Right, the Arban book that everyone uses isn't progressive but the Arban's Manual would be in that it has a start and finish... After looking it up it shows that there are 69 distinct lessons in the Arban Manual to take you step-by-step through the Arban method.
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    While I presently cannot play due to health and dental issues, I wore out my first Arban's carrying it back and forth to classes in college, and in all kinds of weather whereas I did not then have a case to put it in, which while it was seldom used in class even though it was on the required book list for the course and I was fortunate enough to have had a copy since I was a sophomore in high school where the whole section was assigned to practice from it a lot. Therefore, when I began my comeback in 2006 such was the first instructional book I bought , the platinum edition, and I referred to often then and will again. Now, personally, I am writing of more than 50 years of my reference ... and would recommend the same to all others.
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    At first glance I amost did a "spit take" of the seriousness of this thread...then I realized it was not THE Arban's method book we are all familiar with as trumpet/brass players. ROFL

    That said....I think ANY practice book means nothing but notes on page without some guidance or knowledge of context in which those notes were put on paper.

    As a method book the Arban's book is not the easiest to decipher as it does jump around a bit in progression...:roll:

    I applaud Eric and any teacher who has guided students through these mere "notes" and "etudes" over the years and made them make sense.

    One who is given a treasure map without knowing where is up or down or left to right or front to back left to chance in finding the treasure...
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    Hi; A few answers on The Arban Manual.
    It is 69 weekly (or bi-weekly) lessons that take you through the entire Arban.
    It is progressive.
    Every lesson is a balanced routine.
    I have also expanded by using models (different articulations), transposition and range extension in some of the later studies.
    Any other questions, just post here.
    Here's the direct link: ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Publications ::: ARBAN MANUAL

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    actually glad i read this thread. i was exposed to the arban when playing trombone, but given no guidance or direction on it, so... yeah i never used it. it all looked completely random to me. having a book like this manual that walks me through it though, that would make a HUGE difference. i will certainly be checking this out. thank you all for the info!

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