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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Cornyandy, Aug 29, 2013.

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    While there may be rare exceptions, I concur that it is mostly a lazy habit when a player does not hold their trumpet / cornet level. Truly, it makes a for a shoddy appearance in field or concert with an irregular position of instruments and would be points off if I were judging as would be difficult to overcome by spectacular presentation of the music. Such said, it is not that I always hold my trumpet / cornet level ... but I can and do when I solo. Now tell me that YOU don't set an example of irregular positioning to others ... as do most renown players. What I'd suggest most for beginners is that they play with their elbows resting on a desk /table top and that they lean slightly into the mouthpiece. This latter also seems to minimize the habitual development of "excessive elbow pressure". There are available desk/table top music stands ... I have one.
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    It's called a laptop!

    Practise....Read TM....Practise....Read TM....
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    The level at which someone holds their horn is not laziness.
    I hold my horn facing down to fit the shape of my teeth and jaw. If I held the horn out parallel, it would strain my neck and jaw. In college one of my teachers tried to get me to push my jaw forwards a bit, and it was a disaster.
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    I know when I was in school I was taught proper posture and thru school had relatively good posture but my horn pointed down because of my mouth & teeth structure. I have a bad overbite and I have corrected it to some degree in the past 5 years but I could spend more time trying to play with my horn up than on needed practice. I think there are far more factors than just horn weight.

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