Timofei Dokshitzer method?!!!

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    May 5, 2008
    Does anyone know where can i found the Timofei Dokshitzer intagrated exercised system for trumpet ?
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    Nov 22, 2010
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    Timofej Dokshizer
    Trumpet Method
    Integrated exercise system

    "This work is subtitled Integrated exercise system. It could equally be called Prelude to the art of the trumpet: it consist, in fact, of a progressive system of personal exercises which prepare the trumpeter for his work. Put another way, these exercises constitute only part of a trumpeters daily practice routine - one third - but this third is so problematic because it contains so many unknown elements relating to individual nature and to the specifics of the instrument."

    How the Method works and how to use it
    An approach which takes into account individual abilities
    Allocation of practice time
    How to organise your life style: work, rest, diet

    How to use the exercises
    How do you put together integrated sessions?
    Signs used in this method

    Chapter I: Warming up
    Warming up before playing

    Chapter II: Vocalises
    How to work on tone
    Lip muscle strenght an endurance
    The high register
    The low register
    Easy vocalises
    To strengthen the lips an develop breathing, tone, extension of range
    Long notes
    Crescendo-diminuendo notes

    Chapter III: Sequential patterns
    Flexibility of lips, tongue and fingers

    Suppleness and elasticity of the lips

    Finger trills on a tone
    Finger trills on a semitone
    Lip and finger trills
    Lip trills with right-hand vibrato
    Short studies

    Attack in orchestral fanfares
    Legato with soft attack for difficult intervals
    Lip suppleness, finger mobility, glissando
    Ornaments and appogiaturas
    Miscellaneous studies

    Appendix: Stutter attack

    1990 ALHONSE LEDUC & Co
    1994 Editions Musicales (the english translation by Wendy Thompson)
    This book can be ordered from:
    Case Postale 308
    CH-3963 Crans-Montana
    Switzerland (Fax 027 43 42 43)

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