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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NeonMarmot, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. NeonMarmot

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    Sep 25, 2010
    Hi guys,

    I have a few auditions coming up with two orchestras and a jazz band. Even in front of my trumpet teacher I often get nervous and lose my focus and end up playing very poorly compared to what I know I'm capable of playing (although it is improving).

    What can I do to play at the audition how I play in the practice room?

    (I see there is a similar thread, but I think this a little different...)
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  2. s.coomer

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    Mar 25, 2005
    Indianapolis, In
    At this point you have to somewhat psyche yourself out. You are going to go in and play the best you can play and if they like it great if not to hell with them. That attitude in these settings can really be a help.
  3. Phil986

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Near Portland, OR.
    Guess it might be to late for that but taking every opportunity to play in front of a critical audience might help by desensitizing you. But S.coomer is right. Try to conciously relax. Imagine the judges in their underwear (unless there is a hot lady in the lot perhaps). It's not like it's a life and death situation.
  4. 12erlgro

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    Oct 29, 2010
    I have an audition tomorrow, i have got a lot off help playing in the Local Church, and slep think, as longs as you are Happy with your performance you have done awrything you can, and if you fail, its still a good experience.
  5. leftmid7

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Franklin, TN
    What you have to realize is that every human being has 'nerves.' Every person going into that audition has to deal with/cope with how that is going to effect their playing. I came to the conclusion I can either blame nerves and always say,'that wasn't as good as I can do' or just suck it up and play. It's amazing when you resolve to do something and aggressively CHOOSE to couch your fear how much it can help. Otherwise you will NEVER play up to your potential.

    Go. For. It.
  6. 12erlgro

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    Oct 29, 2010
    And one more thing, when you play, dont ever give upp one notes, dont ever let Them dropp, unless they are suposed to. Sometimes it hurts, but its not gonna kill you
  7. Vulgano Brother

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    Mar 23, 2006
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    When I started free-climbing (a real life or death situation) I found auditions not quite as scary. An attitude of "I'm going to play the heck out of this piece" helps--and you don't have to risk your life!

    Good luck!
  8. BrotherBACH

    BrotherBACH Piano User

    Oct 5, 2010

    I understand where you are coming from. I attended a master class at a university wherein university students play pieces that there were working on for an eventual performance. They played and were criticized in class. I went both to the class and their performances which were free at noon time in the university theater. I went because I wanted to learn what it takes to perform in front of people, even if you are scared.

    The most important thing I learned is that a mistake is not the end of the world. We actually continue to live. That was so critical for me to know. I have my very first solo performance on May 7th. There will be no accompaniment. I am scared to death. But, I am also practicing a "just do it" attitude. I am doing some heraldry work and trying not to think about a recent thread about the most cracked note.

    My novice advice for you is to just go for it. If you do make a mistake. You will live. You will even get better as you perform in front of people more often and get used to it.

    Good Luck!!!

  9. rowuk

    rowuk Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    I would look at it like this:
    Not all are born to be great. The world doesn't even NEED a bunch of great. It needs honest, hard workers that do a good job of preparing the stuff that is coming up next instead of getting caught up in estoreica like higher, faster, louder.

    When I adjudicate, I look for solid rhythm first, then if the player has picked a solo piece within their realistic capabilities. Then comes sound and somewhere around 10th place, range.

    If I get a chance, I try and pay attention to how they behave BEFORE they go on stage. That very often shows you who wastes time trying to impress the wrong people. That very often is an indication whose chops will die in the middle of a performance.

    Solid is the characteristic that impresses me most. I am not looking to create a baby sitting job.
  10. kcmt01

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    Sep 25, 2009
    Polson, MT
    Nervousness is really just fear. Fear can be a crippling emotion. God gave us emotions for our benefit, not to be enslaved by them. If a cougar starts stalking your child, you have a choice of emotions. If you give in to fear, you'll run and let the cougar eat your kid. But if you choose anger, you'll have the courage to try to beat the cougar off, even at the expense of your own life. Anger gets a bad rap nowadays, but it has its place. If you sense a judge trying to intimidate you, don't get scared. Get mean.

    YouTube - Great Moments in Speech Therapy
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