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    OK, my students are working on a thing called the CASTLE self directed program for developing a good visceral feel for how current electricity works. For their enjoyment, I've been playing a couple of CD's today.

    1 = Neville Brothers -- Walking In The Shadow of Life good solid New Orleans funk
    2 = Cannonball Adderly Greatest Hits I only have two words here; NAT Adderly! Whoaaa!
    3 = Ornette Coleman Double Quartet Free Jazz

    Now, they we're really a bit freaked out by the Ornette Coleman CD, but they were actually quite interested in it! This particular CD features both Don Cherry AND Freddie Hubbard. This seems an odd pairing, IMHO.

    Right at the moment Nat is tearing the place apart on the Work Song. Man, that guy could play, and he had to have the fastest fingers I've EVER heard!

    Well, that's it. I just supervise at this stage, so I get a little bored, hence I take a few minutes on the teachers PC to let off a bit of steam here!



    Nick Drozdoff

    Oh yeah, as of this posting, I have three tunes on the top ten of the user voted list on

    La Grace by Telemann
    Duet from Lakme by Delibes
    Getting My Modal Down (an original I did last fall)

    I hope this sort of exposure helps trumpet in general (not just me! though I'll take it!)

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