Tone is progressively getting worse

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by daniel117, Aug 9, 2012.

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    The Schilke 13A4 with a 24 drill or larger would be my choice. I not a fan of long & restrictive backbores, small drill holes,and tight throats. A shallow mouthpiece will not increase your range, it can hamper lip vibration and limit your range if carried to the extreme. The "correct shallow mpc." will make playing the high notes you already have a little stronger and more secure at the expense of your mid & low range.
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    I use a Shilke 14a4a as my all purpose mouthpiece and it works great on my Olds Recording. This combination produces a rich tone, and can scream if you let it out of the gate. But if your professional about it, you can make the horn blend with any other insturment with minimal effort.
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    Sadly you're 100% WRONG!
    1.You don't have a video camera in his practice room.
    2.Sending a high school kid on a mouthpiece safari is is just downright irresponsible. How can anyone tell a player he should use a certain size and brand mouthpiece over the internet without seeing and hearing him play?
    3.What he needs to do is fix his playing and marching mechanics,not look for new equipment .

    So take note and learn something.Fix their playing mechanics,if they're not playing correctly, all the screamer mouthpieces in the world won't help.You will still be playing with the same faults and continue to have problems.
    If you don't like a mouthpiece it doesn't mean it doesn't work for everyone.
    Remember if you teach someone to play correctly today he will play correctly tomorrow,if you switch his mouthpiece today it could collapse tomorrow.
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    Despite the fact that you are all calling each other 100% wrong, you all have valid points here. It really depends on the OP.

    A different mouthpiece might help a lot, but it's also true that "if they're not playing correctly, all the screamer mouthpieces in the world won't help". It might not be a magic bullet, but I think it's worth looking into at least.

    It's nice to say "he should fix his playing mechanics", and I think that's the real solution in the end... But that is something that can take a long time under good conditions. This guy is "DAMAGING HIS CHOPS", and I think Local 357 is really just looking for a quick fix to help get him through this band camp without long-term problems cropping up.

    I think we can all agree that fixing marching mechanics can only help.
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    Turtle. we're going off track now quit your yapping.
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    Yeah! Or we be slapping! WORD!

    Lot of good info from the pro's here. This is why I HATED marching band. Great music but walking and playing? Plus I was on the football team and didn't march except in parades. UGH! I HATED IT! It also seems that EVERY parade I was in, we had to go over railroad tracks! Then there was that stupid plume thingy that wouldn't stay put and fall to the side or off! Try staying in step and retrieving the plume while playing and marching and turning a corner over railroad tracks! I HATED IT!! Oh yeah, there was the "wonderful" plastic music holder which doesn't work on a tilted bell (ironic since it was developed for marching). I know they memorize the music now but we didn't back then. And then there were the spats held on by elastic that went under your shoes. One wrong misstep on a corner/pothole/railroad and SPROING!!! YEAH, I HATED IT!!!
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    The trouble is that it is a quick fix for a problem we know nothing about.If his tone was good before,what is he doing differently now?It could be a breathing problem,or either practicing the wrong things or possibly the right things the wrong way.Most times damage is done when a player is trying to play much too loud instead of centered and projecting There is nothing wrong with his mouthpiece.I played and marched in a military band for three years on a Bach #1 and it did not damage my chops.I don't use it anymore but I don't play in concert band and orchestra anymore ether.It's not what you use but how you use it.

    A screamer piece might work for a day or a week,but when the honeymoon is over I guess he try another and another and another etc.and will have even more problems.
    Don't get me wrong ,I'm not a fan of marching and playing,but if you must do it,the only way is to do it is to do it correctly.
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    I think we are getting things mixed up. You pointed out that basicaly Local doesn't have a camera in the OP's practice room... Which is true... But then it comes across that you KNOW his marching is bad. You ALSO don't have a camera over him.
    I think we are getting things mixed up. You pointed out that basicaly Local doesn't have a camera in the OP's practice room... Which is true... But then it comes across that you KNOW his marching is bad and you seem to swear up and down that is the problem or he must not practice enough. You ALSO don't have a camera over him. Now like I say on all my posts, I havn't played very long and im not CLOSE to the level some of you are. But I think in this case equipment is important. To me your saying a high school trumpet player without the years of earlier practice that you have, should be able to play huge equipment for hours? So your telling me in theory if I fix how I stand I can magicaly play hours longer on HUGE equipement? He might be standing perfectly fine, he might be the pride and joy of his school at marching for all we know. I think Daniel is not trying to "cheat himself" by getting a smaller piece, but is adapting to a important situation that he can't solely fix by marching differently!

    Local never said "your equipment is crap" or "I want you to use MY piece and horn etc.." He gave his VERY educated opinion that in general a different sized piece might be a helpful thing. The poster doesn't want to play higher or get better by switching pieces, he wants to stop ripping apart his lips from over playing. Daniel isn't wanting a mouthpiece for a crutch. I think that from what he has said so far he is using equipment that is just too big for him. That is not a healthy thing to do. A weight lifting would never us the biggest most powerful equipment he has to get stronger, no matter how well he can stand up strait. And a horn not bouncing up and down is not a magic bullet to fix his problem either.

    And I thought of something else to, if he does what you say, his depression about the issue might get to the point that he could loose his drive to play in band. Its happened before to others, all because assumtions have been made that arn't true or DONT ACTUALY fix the problem...
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    Al likes to take opposing views to anything i say. Merely because I said it and for no other reason. Had I said:

    "Wow that Hurricane Katrina was a nasty storm"

    He'd have said:

    "Nah it was just a pansy"


    Here we have a poor guy damaging his embouchure. WEAKENING it day by day on a KNOWN LARGE, SHARP, OVERLY DEEP MOUTHPIECE!!!

    And yet the advice seen by these supposed "experts" ignores all pertinent information just to try and score cheap shots against a relevant, concerned poster.

    This is why I suggest that everyone here always POST RESPONSIBLY. Put the egos aside and take a chill pill for a while if this is necessary.
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    Sorry but a quick fix is like putting a band aid on a broken leg,it doesn't fix the problem! His mouthpiece isn't beating up his chops,he is.

    If you were really concerned about helping this kid, you wouldn't be sending him on a mouthpiece safari.

    His problem could and should be fixed in the practice room, not in a mouthpiece catalog.

    You say post responsibly,but your stock answer to everything is get a screamer and all you troubles will go away.

    You have no idea how they play,but say a screamer will fix it all anyway.

    We're talking to kids here who are still learning to play the correct way,giving them quick fixes and short cuts is not helping them.

    You talk about putting egos aside,put start all your post telling us how great you are,and how you're 100% right all the time. If your posts were any good they would stand on their own merits.

    Oh by the way, I like the way you have conversations with yourself.

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