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    Warm air is produced when you open your throat and lower jaw. You can feel the difference if you put your hand in front of your mouth and blow with your mouth open wide and throat open like when you say "AAWWW" compared to when you pucker your lips like when you are going to whistle or say "OOO." You can feel the warm air on your hand. When you play with your throat open and you are thinking "AW" you will be blowing warm air. Warm air produces a bigger, fuller tone. That's what I mean.
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    Actually, a better tone comes from letting the TRUMPET create it.

    In the beginning, we are muscling everything into place. When we practice more, we muscle more. When we wake up after years of "practicing more", we practice less, play more and make more music. The transition from conquer to caress is a hard concept for testosterone driven teens. The ladies often get the message earlier, but could use some testosterone at times.

    I think a better tone has NOTHING to do with practicing more. It has mostly to do with growing up - and not just musically. We have to be able to produce notes like clouds - or flamethrowers. Only the smart get there.

    So, when we are in the muscle stage, concentrate on a relaxed big breath, EXHALE instead of PUSH and play lots of TUNES.
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    AAWWW I see what you mean. No really, I do. The rate of flow I can see would make a difference, and this is the effet you would have achieved with this change. Nice concept, thanks.

    I still like what rowuk says as well. If you are hitting on all cylinders, have the optimal air support, air stream (AAWWW), optimal buzz on, then the trumpet (equipment) will ultimately determine the sound.
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    I know this is off topic,but What is wrong with a person who doesn't respond to post. It's been 18 days since the OP posted And they haven't bothered to thank anyone for their replies. These people took their time and energy to write a reply. That's worth at least a thank you. I seeing way too much of this kind of thoughtlessness these days.

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