Tongue Controled Embouchure

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by MJ, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Yes, I forgot to point that out as well. I'm sure you don't stick out your tongue like that, so IMHO the topic name "Tongue Contro[l]led Embouchure" is a misnomer.

    dbacon, have you heard him play live? Do you know where I can some clips of his playing?
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    Manny - dare we ask???

    Whilst at university I had something pointed out by a violinist that I never knew I was doing - she helped my playing (and my concentration) more with one comment than some of the lecturers did in three years.
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    You'll have to wait 'til August!

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    HA! :lol: No CONTROL there! That "cat" might have been licking a little Vaseline off his mouthpiece. Thankfully, the video stopped before the hairball appeared. :roll:


    On the serious side... Herb Smith, an Eastman graduate, and member of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, as with as Mac Gollehon, a well-respect NY trumpet professional, both performed at the recent ITG Conference, during Jerome Callet's ITG Clinic. Both players demonstrated a "before and after" of their playing styles, and explained... in their own words... how they had been helped by Jerry. It's tough to argue with a paid professional.

    Jerry Callet is, and has been, a pioneer in the study of the trumpet embouchure. The whole reasoning behind his approach has to do with the fact that not every trumpet player will benefit from the "traditional" trumpet embouchure approach. As he states in every clinic that he presents, "More students fail at becoming trumpet players because of poor embouchures, than for any other reasons."

    Personally, whether anyone agrees or disagrees with Jerome Callet's work shouldn't be the issue. Having the knowledge of different approaches to the embouchure is something that every good teacher should possess, so that the student can always benefit from good instruction. Whether or not the teacher uses that embouchure is totally immaterial.

    In the end, the more efficient the embouchure... regardless of the embouchure "school" or "system"... the more similarities there will be. We are all perpetual students of the trumpet. Keep an open mind, and feed it!

    Best always,
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    Nov 27, 2003
    Lest we forget, here's how good real TCE can sound:

    Bahb Civiletti
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    Oct 24, 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ.
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    Bob Civiletti was the first person I ever had paid lessons with when I was in high school. The school had given me a scholarship and the high school band instructer wanted me to study with his buddy, Mel Broiles. They could not believe I would rather study with Civiletti instead. I was doing my first professional gigs with Bob and could not believe this mans abilities.

    The system Bob taught back then was the Callet system. It involved alot of double pedals with the bottom lip completely out of the mouthpiece. There was never any talk back then about the use of the tongue. When did the system change?

    He was also very much into practising the Clark book at FFFF.

    The other kids in the school were practising the Charlier, after their lessons at the Opera house. I was doing those funny pedals and practicing Clarke at FFFF.......You should have seen the band teachers face when he saw the direction his teaching was taking me in!

    Hey Bruce, could you tell us a bit about what Mac had to say. He is an incredible player.....amazing. What kind of problems was he having with his chops that caused him to look at this system?
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    I went to New York College of Music back in the late 60's and Bob (Bahb) was a student there too. He was a really good player even then. My first exposure to Jerry was about the same time at Johnny Bello's rehearsal band and frankly I was so turned off by his (Jerry's) playing so much that I never took him seriously but there is no question Bahb has benefited as so probably have others. What I find interesting are the parallels between Clarke and TCE.
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    You really had to dig to find this

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