tonguing hurts my endurance

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by songbook, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Air support, breath support - it is all the same, just different words. English is not my native language, so I may screw it up from time to time (right, Patrick? :bleah:). Using efficiently breathing and chops is something that I would probably do better to leave to Rowuk - he will explain it better than me, and my philosophy seem to be quite similar to his. Look for his circle of breath comments by Rowuk and you'll understand what exactly I mean. When I was younger, I thought that it was about putting more air through the horn - but that is far from reality. Just get a deep breath, make sure you don't "smile" when playing and open your ears - if they tell you that it is right, and it doesn't hurt your lips, then you got it right. To squeeze a thought, shared by Erik Rinner in a workshop "Lots of students come to me claiming to be able to play a high g. But none was able to play Arban tonguing exercises with me for an hour"...
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    Thanks trumpetnick, your english is just fine.
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    here, here -- yes that happens -- but the next week is always better - isn't it??? should be if your doing the time -- it seems to work that way for me.
    keep at it -- life hurts sometimes and so does the horn -- but both have rewards as a result of pain that helps us mature and learn!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
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    The act of tonguing sends little explosions of air through your lips. Your lips have to work harder to stay together which can lessen endurance. And if they remain too open by not being able to cope with these explosions, it will require more effort to play - therefore less endurance.
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    Yep. Just keep playing.........chops are no different than any other muscle.......gotta break em down to build them up. Each session, they get a tad stronger........Just don't try to destroy them in one sitting.....Very Bad:thumbdown:

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