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    Dec 25, 2004
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    Hi All!

    Once again I am updating my list of top 25 web resources for trumpet
    players. The last time I did this was proceeding my presentation at the 2002 ITG Conference in Manchester, England. I am doing it in 2005 in preparation for a similar presentation at the upcoming ITG conference in Bangkok.

    This list will be published in the October, 2005 ITG Journal and on the ITG
    Web Site.

    Here is the location of the list from 2002:

    I assume that many of these will make the list again, but I need your help. Please forward to me the URL of any web site you feel is worth of inclusion on this list.

    I am primarily looking for sites that are not heavily commercial by nature, but that give to the trumpet community a wealth of information about the

    You will see that most of the sites on the 2002 list meet that criteria.

    Thanks for your help!

    Michael Anderson
    TPIN Admin
    ITG Web Site Director

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