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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA

    I look forward to reading your impression of the "Thang," Priscilla . . . and I'm so glad you'd participate!

    Warmest regards,

    Tom Turner
  2. King High

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Tom - thanks for the oppurtunity to play the WT, it's a really nice playing horn.
    Sorry I posted the review on the NY post.
    and said I would post further thoughts later, but they really didn't change.

    I did get a chance to let some other people play it. A customer who has bought a 1504 & 700 from me really liked it. He took one of your cards Tom, (and by the way there weren't many left when I sent it on.) He noted the unusual proportions, if thats the right way to say it. It does feel good in your hands, with a nice balance.

    I had 3 other guys play it at one of our big band rehearsals. The lead player NEVER tries other horns - he's playing a Holton that was made for him quite a few years ago. BUT he did try the WT and I got a nod and smile. He said it played real open and easy up top.
    The one guy is playing a rather worn leaky Bach 43 that he needs to replace. He really liked the WT, but he has concerns about living in a world of Bach sections. He didn't rule it out, but he will probably end up getting a used lacquer 43. He did say if he was stuck on an island with the horn he woudl be very content.

    there is something about the WT that really grabs your attention from the first note. The overall reaction was that it is a real responsive horn. Nobody had any trouble playing it, but some expressed concern about the endurance factor just because of knowing the bore size. as a side note, I wish people just wouldn't ask, but everybody does. I know a couple guys who I won't tell until after they've played a horn, because I know the preconceived ideas will tend to make them approach the horn differently.
    I don't really want to know how many calories are in my dessert either. Just enjoy it.

    I had a few students play it as well, and I am not sure if it's really possible to make that horn sound bad.

    oh - thanks for the tips on corking harmons. i've done 2 of them since for WBs.

    ---------Here is what I put up the first day in the NY thread. -------
    the WT arrived safely. It came as I was going in fro a college lesson. so I took it. I actually let the student play it first. We were in the auditorium and she normally plays some King tempo or something. her sound was as expected -- 1000 times richer.
    I've just brought it home and gave it a good upper range test - it plays great up to the Bb so I'm sure if I had double c and beyond that they are in the horn. It slots real well - but still has some flexibility which is what I want. and plenty of power up there too. Articulation is easy on the horn. I't s very repsponsive.
    I played it at the lesson with a Kanstul W3MD & S D backbore. here at home I used a B3D/ S 72 backbore. It seems to be a versatile horn which I think people have been saying. the large bore doesn't kill me so far but I played a CG 470 for 12 years. And at this point I only have 15 minutes on it.
    this is a great week for me to have it as I've got rehearsals & concerts through all week.
    I told one of the trumpet players last night about it. he is anxious to play it as well . the funny thing if you want to talk pros and cons of a horn, the one issue that comes up freuqently is the bell throat and mute fit..I wouldn't let it keep my from buying a horn - but can you tell me,
    Why is it so difficult to find replacement corks for the harmons? And is it advised to replace the corks or to build them up?

    thanks for the chance to play this thing Tom.

    I am going to try to pass it off to next person here in PA sometime this weekend.. will post more after we get some more miles on it.

  3. trptbenge

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    Jan 15, 2004
    Great review. I can't wait until it gets to Georgia. I have a couple of friends that are going to come over and try it when it arrives. This tour is an absolutely great idea Tom. Anxiously waiting in Lawrenceville, GA.


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