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  1. tom turner

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA
    Heck, I'm gonna start a thread now for chops1. He's already gettin' blown away according to several e-mails I've received.

    Maybe he'll post his early impressions!
  2. chops1

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    Dec 27, 2003
    First Impression.

    Well don't have much time to write so it will have to be quick.
    The first thing I want to say about this horn is that the response is instant on the horn. The begining of the note almost speaks before you blow air through the horn. If you imagine a note on the trumpet as being a triangle
    the feeling you get while playing is that all the notes play at the bottom of the triangle. It is a very secure feeling on the horn. The note slots on the horn are increadible. Really something I haven't experienced in any other horn. Putting the two togeather response and note slots this horn is very nice to play. Clean and clear sound and easy to meanouver around the scale of the horn. These are the first things that really stand out too me on the horn. I don't want to get into specs of this and that of the horn. Really it less important then the above mentioned qualities. I had no problem blending with a section of other trumpet players all playing differant types of horns. The horn seems to be very effeciant playing and endurance on the horn seems to not be a problem. I will give a more detailed review of the horn in five days.

  3. tom turner

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA

    Chops1 never gave his full review as part of the rules of the WT tour, so I'll post what he wrote to me below.

    Keep in mind, when you his comments, that:

    1. When he received the WT tour horn on that Friday (March 5th), he'd been waiting for months for a special-finish, special-specs custom horn to be made just for him.

    2. The WT tour horn blew him away and we entertained ways to get him a WT finished the same way. I immediately sent him some "J" slides to try too.

    3. Then . . . his unique, one-of-a-kind trumpet finally arrived on that Saturday.

    Here's what he wrote to me about the two of them at that time. I'm blanking out the name of the other horn as a professional courtesy:

    HIS FIRST E-MAIL MINI-REVIEW (Friday, March 5th):

    "Tom ,
    Got the horn this morning so got to use it in for the morning rehearsal. All I have to say is wow.

    I think having this horn for more than five days is to dangerous. The horn slots like a mother. I slotted everything up to double C. Even got a hold of a D. Now just need to learn how to use them musical.

    But seriously I am already thinking about canceling more order with _________ if it is not to late even though the horn from them would be great also.

    I like the over all sound of the horn. It's nice and dark down below and nice also even the upper register.

    I will send you some audio clips if you want to post them some where. Not really sure how to do it. If you talk to Flip ask him about the finish. I know the Wayne Bergeron model finish that kanstul does is some what what I am looking for. If it is to late to cancel my order and I like the WT better I would consider a trade in if Flip can give me a fair price.


    Oh, the section plans to try out the horn on tour also so it is gettin lots of coverage. I know ever couple of years the band gets new horns so I know what is On my wish list.





    Well I received my ________ today. Saturday monring. My first impression. It plays no where near the WT. I don like the finsish they did but it is no where near the standard I have for the price I paid.

    I had my wife listened me play on both horns and picked the WT hands down.

    My first impressions is to return the ________. It is just not on the same level as the WT. If that does not happen I would like a trade in with Flip. If he can give me $1800 for th horn and the finshish I want then I can doe buisness.

    My standards are very high as far as finish. _________ did not come close to it as far as the price I paid for the horn. I am getting hooked on the horn it really has no comparison. I do like the finish _________ attemped as something I do want or as a template. They did nail that but I can point out at least five magor flaws in the finish of the horn.

    I am I willing buyer of a horn, I saved for many years for the horn I want so I will not except anything less than that.

    As far as playing the WT is there. The look of the horn is something else. I want, a thumb ring and pinky ring. And I will send you pictures of what I want as far as finish. I believe in what I pay for and what I am willing to pay is wherth it.
    I look forward to what the the J slides bring.



    The last I heard from him was when he shipped the horn to the next person on March 17th, ending the e-mail:

    "It's late so I will email you tommorrow with the review of the horn.



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