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  1. tom turner

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA
    The horn is getting ready to make its way to NYC.

    George, how was your "Wild Ride?"

  2. gstevens

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Alton Bay, NH
    WT Review

    First, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Tom for all his efforts in making the Wild Thing Tour a reality, especially for me. Thanks Tom. And I apologize for not getting this review out sooner.
    I had the opportunity to practice with the WT for several days with it by myself. I made many comparisons between my two Bach lightweight 43 horns, a Calicchio, and Yamaha, all of which were ML bores. It was immediate to me the impression of open-ness with a rather large warm sound. Having had only limited exposure to large bore horns in general, I rather liked this open feeling, for execution, flexibility, and surprizingly range. There was no conception of running out of air with this big horn, as long as consistent support was provided. Whether playing etudes, or improvisational jazz, the horn was extremely slotted, agile, and an aid to endurance. However, I needed to try it out on an actual gig, which fourtunately I had opportunity to do. The gig was ensemble playing, big band style. I played 2nd trumpet under a very seasoned, strong lead player. The book had various blowing Sinatra tunes and I found that, for me, it was difficult to match the intensity of the lead player. Also, given the size of the bell my mutes would not even stay in, so I had to finish the gig on my regular horn. However, other players on the gig noticed what a great sound this horn had when warming up.
    To conclude, at this point I would still persue the WT for applications that make sense with the large bore, such as small group improvisation, brass quintet. At the least, the experience with the WT has opened my mind to the virtues of large bore machines and I will continue persuing that configuration.

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