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    Oct 24, 2003
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    1. Playing various melodies with one finger. (credit to Frank Figuera)
    2. The Spittoon trick, using the third valve slide's "pop" (credit to Derek
    3. Pushing the plunger on the end of the bell causing a piece of Kleenex on
    the mouthpiece to fly upwards
    4. Rubbing the bell on the floor making a sawing sound, then drop a mute
    5. Various spring and boing noises made by attacking a note and shaking the
    6. Boat Motor Starting noises (Wayne Bergeron)
    7. Of course various ways of spinning the trumpet
    8. Duck calls on the mouthpiece
    9. Siren sound - buzzing mouthpiece into bell
    10. Talking to your mute, saying, "Hello, hello,....must be a deaf mute."

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