Tried a valved trombone

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    The parable is (paraphrased) "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time". Yes, I too have seen ads for baritones that were euphoniums and vice versa. Likewise for cornets that were trumpets, and vice versa. The tuba I had (and recently sold) wasn't advertised, but the lady that gave it to me said it was a bass musical instrument ... she also gave my daughter a sterling silver Swiss made flute which is a "real pain to keep polished just for a piano decoration", the lady said. Though only spoken, that lady was about as honest in discribing musical instruments as I've ever encountered.

    That tuba, being silverplated, was also a "pain" to keep polished, and a "dog" to store or transport IMO, having no case. No, she was taking her piano with her as she moved, which I did offer to buy ... but considering the economic circumstances as we are now, I'm glad I didn't ... we've no room for a baby grand piano here.

    P.S. Yes, my daughter now can play the flute ... and clarinet and saxes also, all professional quality IMO, but music isn't her vocation ... she just enjoys it.
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