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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Outkastah, May 2, 2010.

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    Comments? Usually...........

    Any of us that state that we use .... or .... do so in fact because WE WERE TOO DAMN LAZY TO SPEND THE TIME TO FINISH THE JOB. Good enough is the thinking.

    I am not putting "good enough" down, rather only into perspective. The articulate trumpeter is one worth listening to. If you don't have a clean TTK, then your breathing probably stinks. The tongue is used by many players to start the sound production because the lips do not repond without the hammering from the attack. Once our breathing is really down, our tone reliably starts just by exhaling and only a wee bit of tongue is needed to "articulate" the sound. At that point, we can use what ever we want to separate the tone.

    If your preparation is decent, the rest is only a question of dedication. Without the proper breath support, most anything trumpet is a comprimise. Don't try to make excuses. Solve the problem.
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    I have a question- I've never actually heard of the TTK method before; what are some advantages of this method over TKT (TGT)?
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    the way i see it is that its really not different at all your just skipping a little, kinda lol. for instance


    essentially the same as



    its all in the head i reckon.

    but thats where its always been, right? haha
    just the placing of that light note.
    i guess the application would just be where you want to put your "accent" note or whatever.

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