Trombone vs. Trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Hey_Pauly, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. kingtrumpet

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    I am 6 months into the trombone - and on a 4 yr comeback on the trumpet. My take (so far) is that the trombone is taking more air, but when I switch to the trumpet in practice it really helps to "loosen" up the lips, or provide more "air" or something like that for the trumpet ---- and it is then, "easier" to bust out the high range on the trumpet (as long as it immediately follows the bone) --
    so the trombone for me -- is helping my trumpet playing -- IMHO. (the trumpet playing makes the higher range on the bone - pretty easy) -- so maybe they help one another.
    and FINALLY --- I noticed my range on the trumpet (decreased a couple of notes --- down from a somewhat reproducible high A to more like the high F ---- BUT the NOTES from the high C to the High F ---- are MUCH FULLER, and MORE RICH IN TONE and SOUND QUALITY, than they were Prior to the trombone doubling ------so, air, composure, mental aptitude, less tension --- WHATEVER IT IS ----- the doubling is HELPING on both instruments

    and in general this is a "switching back and forth" in practice between the two instruments -- with about an hour on each total --- so, YES 2 hour practices most every day
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  2. Ed Lee

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    Harder? I agree that the bigger the instrument the more air is required, but I'll stick with the answer that the smaller the horn the harder one must play as is not to say louder.
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    I have to agree with Ed Lee, as it pertains to me. I have found that it is more difficult to control my breath on the trumpet than my bass trumpet. With the bass, trumpet, it feels like I can blow a note, then take a breath before the first note reaches the bell.

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