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    Jun 12, 2009
    Do the same things that apply for the trumpet also apply for the trombone? I've heard that if you don't play a trumpet for one day, you'll need one day to get it back,the louder you play the more tired you get, mouthpiece buzzing is useful, etc. Do these all apply for the trombone and other related brass instruments as well?
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    I played trumpet and trombone in one day and It feels weird.

    whatever you heard is actually not true for one day. I can go for 3 days and I don't lose anything. If I go for a week Then I need a day or two to get back where I was. This applies differently for beginners. intermediate players, and professionals. When I play loud It really doesn't change anything. I don't get tired faster when playing loud. The rule of the thumb is not always true.

    They do apply in a way.
    The lip muscle for higher notes and tone are needed on all brass instruments.
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