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    What some of everybody's favorite practice books and why?

    Arban- I think it is best to start with this one, it has every kind of study known to man, trumpet, and lead screamer. Slurs, intonation, interval studies, you name it. I have yet to find someone who is just too good for the Arban book, pro's and the not so pro's unlike find so much use in this book.

    The Brass Gym- This book has done a wonder for me. It is not nearly as expansive as the Arban book but it is a serious work outs. Every study is devoted to developing strength and tone. My favorite part about this book is it not only gives you guidelines to work with but it tells you why and how to do it. Many trumpet players don't practice because they dont know how; this makes it so advantageous so that because a trumpet player will learn how to practice, every other book is possible because they know how to use it.

    Stamp book- I have not extensively worked on this book, only really on the air flow part. The air flows are amazing warm up techniques and range builders, in both directions. The trick in this book is the lines in that book that show how the air, and notes should move., improving intonation and air unlike.

    Clarke Studies- Like the Stamp I am not familiar but the scale studies have built of my muscle memory and because I have become so in-tune with my scales, improv is only limited by the rhythms I can think of.
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    Mark VanCleave books on practicing. I bought the original one about 20 years ago. Ijust went back to the web site to review some of this ideas

    Mark Van Cleave

    It had what I needed. Not pages and pages of notes I cannot read but a clear explanation of how to have fun practicing.
    Exactly how to play. Simple ideas and suggestion I could do. I am not now or ever will be a professional. I will never play a trumpet concherto or flight of the buble bee.
    I can please a jazz crowd and myself. His overall target is tone. Listen to everyone and decide what you want to sound like. Lots of simple thoughts that made sense to me and got me to really work at getting good enough so I can perform what I can and want to do

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