Trumpet Etiquette

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    Aug 31, 2009
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    I feel very lucky to be part of a community band in which ego is not at all important. When I joined, I had recent switched to trumpet from French Horn, and was really a novice. I found myself in a section with a Maynard Ferguson alumni, an 80+ gentleman who plays in three bands and a woman section leader who, coincidentally, had had my own high school band instructor when he taught early in his career at another high school, and was first chair for him. I immediately thought to myself that I'd be destined for third part for a very long time. Well, I soon learned that the section is very egalitarian. The MF alumni has told me that we behave like a professional section, with the players assigned to parts according to ability. I soon found myself playing first part on a couple of tunes, generally second part, and a solo here and there according to my ability and desire. To save their chops, the section leader and MF Alum have generally switched bestween first and third parts. This is very rewarding, and I learn a lot from the better players with this kind of delegation.

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