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    In Germany, trumpeters who added Diplom-Musiker after their name on their business cards generally got fewer calls, the logic being, "If they can play, they don't need to list credentials." On very few occasions I trumped the "I'm a Diplom-Musiker." with my Magister status. Most were upset that I played the status card--I didn't care, because they shut up, and yeah, it is kind of like flipping the bird.

    In University towns, very often there were players in pick-up orchestras (mostly strings, hewers of wood and drawers of water) who were Professors in all kinds of fascinating subjects, persons deserving of every respect, yet we spoke together using the informal "you." It was nice on tours, being able to talk about stuff other than mouthpieces.
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    Of course in England - they would use the informal "yew" - specifically the hewers of wood.

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