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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by TrumpetChris334, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Jun 18, 2006
    The ball is in TrumpetChris334s court. He needs to let us know what his doc says. No further speculation necessary.

    The medicine is not over the counter so a local doc needs to get involved anyway.

    I too am very cautious about medicine and the internet. I really believe in Cyberphobia - read about it online and get it - even better copy and paste the symptom into a forum and see what happens.....

    Let's wait and see if Chris really reacts based on the qualified responses................ or disappears like many others looking to be spoonfed.
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    Jun 6, 2010

    That is exactly the goal of the vocal training I got, "Vocal Ease". The goal being to have singing as natural and effortless as talking. I'm not sure about trumpet playing (eventually being effortless) but the singing goal was met in just two years of lessons. Singing for me now is just about the same as talking .... in terms of difficulty. It certainly is attainable!!!:thumbsup:

    It's going to take longer, probably, to reach a point like that with trumpet.

  3. Al Innella

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    I am not a doctor,but I am a trumpet player who has been playing lead or scream professionally for the last 36 years. If the op only has this problem only when trying to play high notes, then I would say it's poor breathing habits. He should get with a good teacher and work on correct breathing and breath support. 99.9% of players who are having physical problems with their playing is because of poor technique (usually breathing)not a medical problem.
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    I have since edited my post and apologized to everyone - I often jump to conclusions, and run off at the mouth, that is until I stick my foot in my mouth --- then I slow down ----- and the exercise regimen is over.
    I also am on somedays --- overly distracted, overly tired, and probably should not post on those days!!!!!!!!!

    to TM community ---and especially GBDEAMER --- I am sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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