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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by emaginethat, Aug 16, 2014.

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    While Rowuk might be a bit hard in his approach, I think that the answer is pretty spot-on.

    As a Freshman in HS I improved by leaps and bounds, and it wasn't necessarily because I was doing wonderful practice in the practice room. The short of it was that I had the horn on my face ALL THE TIME. Before school I'd show up early, run up to the band room, get my horn out and warm up for 15-20 minutes. At 8:15, first period of the day, we had concert band rehearsal. After lunch, I was back up in the band room with my horn out prior to jazz band and show choir, which alternated days (I was in both) so every other day I had jazz band rehearsal on top of the noodling after lunch. After school, I was back up in the band room, noodling around on the horn again. Then a couple of nights a week I had pep bands for volleyball and basketball games, and occasionally wrestling meets.

    The key to our young poster is time. At this stage of the game there are no tricks - ImagineThat needs to put in the time - period. 30 minutes every day or so isn't going to do it. Then, it's going to boil down to just how badly they want it. For me it wasn't really a matter of wanting to be better than my peers - I was already better than my peers. For me, it was just the fact that I LOVED playing trumpet and couldn't imagine anything I'd rather do more with my time, hence the reason I ran up to the band room and got that horn in my hands at almost every available opportunity. We played some music that was challenging, and that didn't hurt, but I wasn't drilling daily out of Clarke or Arban's, that's for sure.

    To ImagineThat, I'll simply say this - if you want to get better, then focus your efforts on what you want to be better at. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your chops won't be built in a day either. However, if you start putting that thing on your face at every available opportunity, it doesn't matter if you are running concert band tunes or pep band charts, you WILL improve.
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    Flies Vinegar Honey, nuff said however, I don't believe in sugar coating advice but I also don't believe in flaming someone who hasn't proved they deserve it.
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    I don't think that's necessarily true in this case. Notice the OP never mentions practice....I suspect that he/she doesn't practice regularly and THAT is the root of the problem. Practice and long tones would be a good approach for anybody if they do little or none of either currently.

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    Over the years there have been quite a few posts similar to the OP's, most have which have proven to be quite bogus.
    Read the language and syntax in the post and tell me if was written by a high school student or some troll. Maybe it is for real, but as Rowuk notes, it likely isn't.
    This isn't the right place to get instant results anyway. Like Patrick, I was an awful trumpet player as a freshman. I decided it was fun and hit the horn every night. It was amazing what a little practice (and a teacher to help) can do.
    Call me a cynic or call me late for dinner, but those jumping on Rowuk for his answer might be off base here.
    Rich T.
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    We are quick to recommend private lessons, but almost never do we encourage younger players to ask their band directors for help. True, often the directors are woodwind or percussion players, but they've taken some techniques courses and should be able to diagnose the most glaring of mistakes--funky chops or bad breathing.

    I would dearly love to see questions coming from band directors....
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    Sorry I haven't checked this since Friday, so I am just now reading all of your replies. Well my band director has us warm up everyday by playing the B flat concert scale, & the F major scale. Then we play a warm up called Chorale #1, then he makes us do a C multiple tonguing (Which I fail at xD). So yeah I don't know how to tongue, and I was just introduced to it when my band director told me. I didn't know that your tongue actually had to move, I was taught by my section leader last year just to say Tah and say the letter M for my embouchure. I also don't get to practice individually alot, since marching band is very fast placed (learning new songs everday & going outside for most of the time), the only solo practice I get is with sectionals, and my section leader just have us playing the songs & memorizing them. Also my high school band is show style HBCU type of marching band, so like the goal us is to play really clean and loud. I want to scream on my trumpet next year. lol
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    Just to save time and guesswork, could you please answer the questions posed by Rowuk in post #6?
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    You are over blowing and are not up to the task. And the alligators will eat you alive until you can get out of the swamp, wrestle some practice alligators at the petting zoo (after they are fed), and then get back into the swamp, ready to wrestle some lip beating marching band music. Bottom line: It takes practice in endurance to play at that volume with a mouthpiece bouncing around on your lips.
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    Emaginethat, Welcome to TM!

    I'm curious--how much and what did you practice the rest of the summer?

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