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    I am in a Music History course and have to write a pretty comprehensive term paper. I thought it would be a good idea (and a great way to learn) to write a paper on the history of trumpet. This is a broad topic, I know, and I'm willing to narrow it. I just have to find some sources. I've searched our library's databases (with little success), looked for books on Amazon and Google-searched the topic. Anything I've found has either been too expensive (like $75-100) or out of print. I CANNOT go past the Baroque for this particular paper, so anything from antiquity until then would work. Does anyone have some suggestions for a few sources I could find? I don't mind purchasing a couple of books as long as the price is a little more reasonable than the ones I've found. Thanks!
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    Are you a member of the International Trumpet Guild (ITG), there have been a number of articles in the last few years in their journals. If you contact them through the website maybe they can be of some help. It will probably require you to join, membership is not that expensive and you can get a number of references right from them.
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    Pietzsch Die Trompete

    François Dauverné

    Johann Ernst Altenburg's Essay on an introduction to the Heroic and Musical Trumpeter's and Kettledrummer's Art for the sake of a wider acceptance of the same, 1795
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    Joining the ITG is a fabulous idea.
    The information there is straight from the real experts and unlike trumpet websites, there is no BS to sort through. You get great information and wonderful articles.
    Rich T.
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    Have you checked these out?

    Bate, Philip. The Trumpet and the Trombone An Outline of Their History, Development and Construction. London: Ernest Benn Ltd., 1972.
    - gives a detailed general history of the trumpet from its ancient origins through to the jazz era.
    - incorporates information on manufacturing and acoustics as well as excellent photos of historical trumpets and trombones.
    - many footnotes, an interesting chapter about musicians and medieval, Renaissance and Baroque society from minstrels to guilds, and clear diagrams of valves.

    Smithers, Don L. The Music and History of the Baroque Trumpet before 1721. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1973.
    - each chapter concentrates on Italy, Germany, Austro-Bohemia, England, France.
    - Smithers discusses the Baroque in great detail, listing Renaissance trumpet makers and an inventory of Baroque trumpet music and where the originals are located.

    Tarr, Edward. The Trumpet (translated from the German). Portland: Amadeus Press, 1988.
    - excellent for the interested high school trumpet player wishing to learn more about his/her instrument.
    - beautiful colour plates, simple and straightforward language, and clear diagrams help to outline the history of the trumpet from the ancient Egyptians to modern day.
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    Pre-baroque? Search for "Renaissance slide-trumpet" or "Busine." Luther renamed the Busine "Posaun" when he translated the Bible. You also might wish to check military history for the trumpet as a signal instrument. Most of our literature before 1600 is kinda boring, so not too many people care--which makes for a great research topic!
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