Trumpet in a Townhouse

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by SmoothOperator, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I can give you a clue from the neighbours perspective - I lived in a double brick house with small windows and right next door was a double brick house with small windows - the neighbour played (and taught) sax. He was a pretty fair sax player, worked professionally (as a sax player you understand). What we were subjected to was a reasonable practice regime on his part but the bit that became a little annoying was the repitition from the students. The same pieces, the same mistakes. But it's amazing what a neighbour will bare, if you are pleasant. Talk to your neighbours - they might just be humans.
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    They might not be: The Neighbors (2012)

    (sorry - couldn't resist that)

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    I get that from the lady next door to me she only just hears the horn because I play it in the room furthest from the shared wall no problem. However I've just started palying the piano again and that is in the living room with the shared wall. I mentioned it to her a few days ago and was told no its fine, I just got a glass of wine and listened the other night, might be nice if you could try something other than "Someone to Watch over Me" though. (I'm busking classics from lead sheets)
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    I think it is interesting that the concrete walls have lower STC than double drywall double stud. Window transmission is definitely an issue though double pane :thumbsup: is definitely on my list of must haves for comfort, oh yeah and energy bills.

    But what if you opened the window to listen? I'm afraid that is a different problem.
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    Yeah, you should be good. Carry on!

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    That's why I always chose to live with foxy women next door!
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    If you never clam, you're really not practicing.

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    Soundproofing material may be an option, especially if you have a basement in your townhouse. I saw an episode of Flip This House with Armando Montelongo where they soundproofed a garage. His brother in law was living in the house and was a drummer. He had a band and they would rehearse in the garage. The soundproofing material was quite good and not too expensive. I seem to recall that it went on like sheetrock.
    I lived in a townhouse condo with very thick cinder block and my neighbors could barely hear me when I practiced. I was always careful not to practice too late, 9-9:30 was as late as I would go. Good luck.
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    I certainly had a lot of initial trepidation last year about tutoring 4 young boys their very first year playing the trumpet and certainly repetition and repeated mistakes tear at one's senses. Then I turned on the memory switch to remember that I was once sitting in their chair doing the very same ... and I still make mistakes and often I'm playing segments of songs over and over.

    Too, I've been the listener to my daughter begin and learn to play an alto saxophone and subsequently the other saxes, clarinet and flute, and stiffened my shoulders and was determined to tutor these boys as well. Through some difficulty, they're all back again their second year. Maybe this year it will be the millionth time I've heard some Christmas carols played well and not so well. It helps a lot to wear sound suppresant ear plugs!

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