Trumpet in Chinese: Xiao Hua

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    So I got to digging around, and it seems there are some trumpet pieces. It helps to know the Chinese characters for trumpet,小号, xiao hua. A red herring is the suona, which gets translated as Chinese trumpet, but is actually more akin to a high pitched oboe. Interestingly there is a Chinese instrument called xiao, which is an end blown flute akin to a shakuhachi. An alternate translation of the two characters, is xiao or laughing and hua speech, laughing talk.

    There are quite some arrangements of Chinese folk songs, I suspect these are done at a Conservatory, where the Chinese dedicate there lives to an instrument at a young age as happens with many cultural pursuits.
    ä¸*国å°å·ä½œå“集 第3集_电å*书全文下载_å…费在线阅读-å…°å·žæ•°å*—教育公共æœåŠ¡å¹³å°
    ä¸*国å°å·ä½œå“集 第二集_陈é”ç¼–è‘—-å…°å·žæ•°å*—教育公共æœåŠ¡å¹³å°
    ä¸*国å°å·ä½œå“集 第一集_电å*书全文下载_å…费在线阅读-å…°å·žæ•°å*—教育公共æœåŠ¡å¹³å°

    This isChinese song and arrangement "Chariot Riding" which appears to be a play on the epic and challenging erhu(fiddle) tune "Horse Racing", though some of the arrangement sounds familiar to me.

    趕車-å°è™Ÿå”å¥æ›² - YouTube

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