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    Oct 28, 2012
    I have a F Besson Meha Bb (kanstul) 1984 from new. I have noticed what looks like 3/4 small bits of dirt inside the leadpipe that I just can't remove with brushes and swabs. The leadpipe also has quite a few tiny blisters on the outside of the leadpipe 20 or so - pin prick sized on the silver plate. These haven't created holes though. Is this the sign of zincifucation and do I need to replace the leadpipe. Any advice great fully received. Thanks
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    Welcome to Trumpet Master.

    The growths on the inside of the lead pipe can often be removed by a repair tech who can more vigorously excoriate (either physically or chemically) the surface.

    My recommendation regarding the blisters visible on the outside, (and in fact on all issues to do with subjects you have not been trained), is that you restrict your description to what you know, can observe, and can measure. Avoid using emotive terms as technical descriptions. The spots are "tiny" compared to what? Are they 0.001" diameter? Are they 0.100" diameter?

    You have blisters which may indicate de-zincification (red rot). These would be a result of the zinc having been leached out of the brass alloy leaving the copper alone (hence the coppery color). This process happens from the inside of the tubing outward, so, by definition, for this to have happened and presented on the outside of the lead pipe, there will be holes in the pipe. Very often, changes in the playability of the horn are not noticed until the situation deteriorates significantly. There will very likely be plenty of people on this forum playing quite happily on instruments with far more advanced symptoms than your Meha.

    Then again, the plating damage could just be a plating issue.

    For a real answer on the condition of the lead pipe, bring your trumpet to your trusted repair tech.
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    Oct 28, 2012
    Thanks for your advice Ivan. I think I will get the trumpet professionally looked at to thoroughly assess the situation. Appreciate the tip re: explanations also.

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