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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bamajazzlady, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    -C-. I'm a tad curious. When you say 'prepare' to sight read a piece what do you mean? Flipping on a certain switch to adjust to the key signature? If so that is something that is giving me a bit of trouble. I've played for a little over a year and I find it hard to be able to read an Arban's piece in say Ab and then switch to A a page later. If this is completely off topic of what you were talking about carry on. Sorry, haha. Thanks.
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    Just started up again taking lessons last week........after a "break" that started in 1984. Prices have gone up a bit and the instructor is younger than me.....but the old standards still provide the same challenge. And after the first lesson the advice was still the same after all these years........"RELAX!!"
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    Jul 13, 2011
    soundhorns, I mean he gave tips on what to do when faced with a brand new piece of music in rehearsal or an audition. Things like: Check the key and time signatures and scan for changes later in the piece. Look for accidentals, codas and/or repeats. Etc.
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    When I am not working away, and am free, I have a Friday afternoon lesson. This arvo I'm having one.

    Had lessons from age of 12, and went to Qld College of Music, then Qld Academy of Music, then Paddy Fitzallen from age 16 to 23, learnt the most off Paddy. That was about 33 years ago. Stopped playing in 1982, when I first heard James Morrison, decided Music has to be a hobby. Concentrated on my profession in Lab/Manufacturing.

    Started Piano Lessons in 2003, sax lessons in 2004, picked up trumpet again in 2007, and lessons again in 2008 on trumpet.

    I really find that I can get into some bad habits without a good teacher, so investment in a good teacher is worth it, it saves time. Playing in bands also helps to make the playing experience more rewarding.

    Have specific trumpet lessons from experts less regularly - but keep reading Greg Spence, Keith Fiala, and Nick Drozdoff for tips and ideas.

    Lessons - life is one long lesson, I need as much good help as I can get to not waste it.

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