Trumpet Players in Film Music

Discussion in 'Jazz / Commercial' started by Larry Gianni, Nov 30, 2003.

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    Nov 11, 2003
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    Hi all

    Here's a topic that I'd like to talk about. Alot of these fine musicicans don't get the notoriaty they deserve, plus the public recongition from the trumpet community.

    The big " beef " for these guys is they don't get screen credit. The musical contractor and even the asst. gaffer , the guy who marks the floor with tape , does, yet the person who just " put it on the line " with an exposed solo played over a live orchestra , one he just saw for the first time 10 minutes before the downbeat, doesn't get his name mentioned in the credits.

    Our Union tried to change this about 20 years ago, but of course, gave up without a fight when the movie companies said it would cost to much. What !!!!

    Without screen credit, there is now way to know the player you just heard, but thru word or mouth and now the internet.

    Trivia - Who played the trumpet solo theme to " Chinatown ". This is an easy one , you young guys- DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

    I took a email sent to me ( plus posted on another site ) and my response and pasted it here. Let talk about it.

    Rick posts here on TM , plus plays a Calicchio so he's got be a nice guy and I don't think will mind my plagerizism. ( sp ? )

    From: Rick ([email protected])
    Subject: Websites for Warren Luening & Rick Baptist

    Does anyone know if Warren Luening and Rick Baptist have their own
    websites?? If so, would you post the appropriate URLs.




    Both Warren and Rick do not have their own websites. This kind of
    endeavor is just not part of their personalities, plus they are really
    busy players.

    The 2 sites that you'll see pictures ,descriptions and clips of both
    of these guys is Malcomb NcNab's site and Jon Lewis's site.

    Another site that contaim=ns information about Warren and Rick is "
    Brass players in film Music " This site covers all the brasses in film
    score recording.

    Malcolm McNabb

    Jon Lewis

    "Brass players in film music "

    Larry Gianni

    Gold plated Conn Director - circa 1968 , amado waterkeys, heavy bottom caps , Malone MC4 leadpipe double anealed, lazer site , 13 " color" tuning slides.
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    PS: sorry , i couldn't get the urls to " underline ".

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    Nov 17, 2003
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    Studio Players and Bacharach

    My original question about Rick Baptist and Warren Luening dealt with their possible association with the music of Burt Bacharach. Having played on countless recordings and recording sessions of other performers, I was curious about what it was like to perform under the direction of Burt Bacharach. Malcolm McNab stated that he couldn't remember having worked with Bacharach but suggested that Warren Luening may have. Rick Baptist played with so many greats, I just figured that he would have had to work with Bacharach at least once.

    Have you ever played under the direction of Burt Bacharach?? If so, my Calicchio and I would like to hear about your experience(s) ;-)>


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