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    The health concerns of a controlled substance have never been my purview, but I haven't discerned an adequate involvement by the health professional community towards resolution. I spent a period of my LEO career as a NARC attempting interdiction and I wouldn't assess that as overly successful either. Today, much of commerce and industry are utilizing drug screening. What does that do except cast many into the unemployment sector whereas these employers aren't allowed to reveal such results to others.

    That said, it has come a time in my life that health circumstances require I utilize a number of prescribed medications (controlled substances) that mediate my health conditions with no curative consequence but certainly are revealed in blood and urine tests every appointment I have with my doctor(s).

    Now I ask how many in similar health conditions utilizing prescribed controlled substances as I have, now sit as administrators of companies, officials in government, and are also allowed to sit in juries? Do Judges? Then I ask how many need them and don't use them and what is the consequences?

    My summation is that it is abuse of controlled substances that is the real problem. The reality is that we either lock them up or bury them.
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    Mar 21, 2006
    What does his ability to play trumpet at age 70 have to do with his weed habit?
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    He "thought" he like sounded really good man. "Scoobie DOOBIE DOOBIE DUUUUUUUUUUDE"!!!
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    The issues surrounding controlled substances are fairly clear cut, at least from legal and employment perspectives.

    But why bring caffeine and alcohol (or nicotine come to that) into the thread? Suggesting that these are in any way equivalent sounds suspiciously like the kind of over-bearing self-righteousness that can only be afforded by those with ready access to supplies of safe drinking water.

    I've had typhoid. Don't want to repeat that one. Nor am I that keen to try hepatitis A & E, amoebic dysentry, Lassa fever, leptospirosis or shistosomiasis. None of these will improve my trumpet playing.

    So I live on tea and beer. Yet, I find I'm quite capable of holding down a responsible job, and don't feel in immediate need of psychiatric treatment ;-)
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    Brekelefuw asks about Louis Armstrong:
    "What does his ability to play trumpet at age 70 have to do with his weed habit"?
    Probably quite a bit. We cannot imagine the injustice, abuse, resentment, and anger that Louis (and the black communnity as a whole) must have felt growing up and working in places where he could perform, but could not go to as a customer. Weed helps with the emotional pain of societal rejection. How? The same way they are using it on PTSD patients. Weed (Cannabis) does not kill pain in the traditional sense. It somehow(as far as we know) allows the patient to forget about the pain. I would suggest that maybe Louis wouldn't have been around at age 70 playing the horn if he hadn't self medicated as a means of dealing with a sick society.
    But that was then and this is now. Scooby Doobie our little pot smoking friend that started this thread has a different song to sing and for different reasons. His major problem isn't where to find his next bag of weed. His problem is not knowing when "IT" will happen. Scoobie Doobie (at the tender age of 16) decided to share his liking for an illegal narcotics with the whole world. Scoobie Doobie might want to look up the term "No Knock Raid". Oh and if there's a dog at your house, there's a good chance that officers will neutralize it upon entrance.
    Halloween is a lot scarier when the monster is real. I would absolutley not want to be in his shoes.
    Stupid, Foolish, Boy!
    Discretion and how to apply it is the lesson for this post.
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    Jesus Christ. Give me one example of cops showing up after somebody posted one comment about weed online. Give me one solid example of that happening. You are being stupid, this isn't 1950. I don't smoke weed, and I don't think hs kids should either, but I don't automatically think he's a stupid foolish boy. Do you realize there are entire online forums dedicated to pot? And that is slowing becoming legal in more and more places across our country? It will be legal in all 50 states within our (or at least my) lifetime. Cops don't spend that much time tracking down personal use pot users..if they did our budget crisis would be even worse. Most cops wont even ticket you if they find you with personal use pot, they will destroy it and move on because it's not worth the paper work. So, let's get something I think hs kids should use drugs or do I think it helps playing? No....but that said I know many excellent players (players that would wipe the floor with anybody posting here) who do smoke weed. It works for them, and when I can outplay them (never) then I'll judge. So let's stop playing scare the stoner, he's probably already paranoid enough.
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    I would caution against the idea that alcohol has less risk, although it is true, to a modest extent. As a health care provider, I see people withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs on a regular basis. I have not yet seen any substance that is physiologically more difficult to withdraw from than alcohol, even meth is easier. The effects of alcohol on the central nervous system are profound. The ones who have the most difficult time are the functioning alcoholics (yes there is such a thing) who, because they are functional, ingest large quantities of hard liquor daily (i.e. they can acquire it regularly enough). Paradoxically, homeless people are not as physiologically dependent because they do not have the capability of getting their hands on large amounts on regular basis.

    My hospital had to develop a specific protocol in an attempt to reduce the frequency of intubation, length of ICU stay and overall length of stay of these patients. A thorough review of the literature and practices across the country suggested valium as the drug of choice. I have personally administered on one occasion 300mg of IV valium in 90 minutes, to a patient who was already on Librium, and barely kept control of his delirium tremens. Another time, it was a bag of 100 mg of Lorazepam (Ativan) over 2 hours. These were successful, however, in the sense that we did not have to go to propofol (Michael Jackson's juice) and put the patient on a breathing machine. For those of you who are not familiar with it, 10 mg of valium would be enough to have you sleep around the clock. Some of these patients remain delirious for 2 weeks. Repeat withdrawals are especially damaging to the brain because of a phenomenon called kindling, which, a.f.a.i.k., is poorly understood and could be described as a heightened neuronal sensitivity to withdrawal.

    That is how bad alcohol can be. I have also seen people below 30 years of age going on hospice care because their liver was completely destroyed. Others show up with profound cases of beer potomania and require almost around the clock electrolyte replacement for a while. The only case I have ever seen that was worse than a bad DT involved bath salts. Entirely different ball game there, where repeat use is not necessary, these designer drugs are one way tickets.

    I'm not the last to enjoy a drink, but I know how a drink here and there can degenerate into an addiction that has few equivalents. I advise to be wary of any and all substances that alter brain chemistry. Alcohol has the advantage of being legal.
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    Even if you delete the thread, all posts made on the internet are cached. They will always be stored in one place or another.
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    Weed makes you loco I.e. "Loco Weed"! It's made some posters loco!!
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    yesterday I cut some grass, I also found some weed, oh it wasn't the weed you peeps are thinking of!!!! --- so, I smoked that baby with the blades on the lawnmower --- so you see "smoking a weed" in the grass --- can't always be a bad thing -- !!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL ((now, I am on the Homeland security list)) -- weed, bomb, insurgent, terrorists, Al K. Ida, gunsmoke, nuking the doobie Scooby doo ---- if you nuked a Scooby doo and had a Shaggy too ------ isn't that like cooking a hot dog and putting shredded onions on it???? ----- I think I heard that at one of those food trucks years ago, when I was ordering some French fries. --- ROFL ROFL ROFL

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