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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Jamesd1196, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Oct 9, 2013
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    The bottom line for me is Marijuana makes people less mentally sharp and less capable while they are under it's influence. They also seem to fall into a lifestyle where they are frequently in such condition. Why anyone would want to do that to themselves is beyond me.

    It is good that most jobs have drug testing requirements. People who are high make crappy decisions, have low productivity, underperform, and put others in danger of injury or death.

    I can say the same things about alcohol, and I am not one to justify it either. I don't know if someone could have a joint each evening, like many will have a glass of wine or a beer each evening, and have the effects be completely gone the next morning. In the USAF flying world, the requirement was 12 hours between bottle and throttle, and you better not be hung over either. There were many prescription drugs you could not use or be under the influence of while flying. If you violated any of that they took your wings and separated you from the military. Any pot use at anytime in one's life disqualified you from becoming a pilot. And if you were ever caught lying about anything as a pilot, you were done.

    I'm sure the USAFs rules on Pot were because of the excessive problems Pot use caused in the Vietnam era. They also cracked down on alcohol use in the late 80s. Recreational and addictive use of substances that diminish your mental ability is always a bad idea.......
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    Aug 16, 2009
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    There are a now a few states that have legalized marijuana, and it is quite likely more will do so likewise, but I expect to be dead and buried by the time it is legalized in U.S. law, thus interdiction by Federal Law Enforcement Offices will still be on-going and the incarceration of such as meted out by Judges will continue to fill our correctional facilities, many to an over crowded status where release to probation is mandated or new correctional facilities are built and staffed at great public expense. Economic statistics will reveal that maintaining an inmate in such for one year is equivalent to the cost of a four college education in a state college.

    Too, there are trigger patterns that are discerned in the controlled substance traffic that bring the full force of law upon vendors and users. When the source is interdicted the user scurries to find alternatives and the traffickers escalate the cost, often beyond the means of the user causal of user's propensity to other unlawful activity to support their habit. Failure to disclose their sources is cause for Judgments to be greater. Yes, the fear of death upon release ... or within ... doesn't often disclose sources. Yes, illegal controlled substance trafficking is a mega dollar business that employs their own enforcers.

    The OP may know some players who use "MJ", but he hasn't heard many players who post here, many with college degrees in instrumental music or performance. Too, he can't or won't name one Law Enforcement Officer in a state that has not legalized marijuana use that ignores a find of such or the paraphernalia for it or other unlawful drug usage. Defense lawyers would love such, and all Court cases are a matter of published record.
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    Apr 5, 2011
    Musicalmason sez:
    Jesus Christ. Give me one example of cops showing up after somebody posted one comment about weed online. Give me one solid example of that happening. You are being stupid, this isn't 1950. I don't smoke weed, and I don't think hs kids should either, but I don't automatically think he's a stupid foolish boy.
    So musicalmason, before you hurl criticisms, you might want to check a few of the statistics out there. Am I going to do your research for you? Nope. You saying it isn't so doesn't make it true. The country's correctional system is addicted to funding (you might want to research federal funding for drug enforcement) America has 25% of the prisoners on the planet. Take a guess what most of the inmates are in prison for? Simple possession. If law enforcement does not "harvest" enough stats to match last year's haul of dope smokers then they have a very real chance of having their Federal war on Drugs funding cut. What cop, police department, state law enforcement agency wishes to have their funding cut? None. There's a war on drugs in America and it has nothing to do with basic police work. Unfortunately, the war on drugs has ruined a lot of police forces because many cops can no longer do good old fashioned police work. Which do you think is more important, a rape, a murder of a common person, busting a person with a big bag of weed? Go with the weed! Getting that busted can help satisfy the stats needed for continued Federal funding. As for a stupid foolish boy, Yep I'm going to stick with stupid foolish boy. Foolish for messing with the stuff and stupid for posting about it.
  4. musicalmason

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    Dec 14, 2003
    Quote whatever fake stats you want...suggesting that posting online about weed will cause cops to bust through your door and shoot your dog is idiotic....and I'll stand by that.
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    Apr 5, 2011
    musicalmason sez:
    "Quote whatever fake stats you want...suggesting that posting online about weed will cause cops to bust through your door and shoot your dog is idiotic....and I'll stand by that."
    Oh well you win. It's all a lie. You caught me. Its all a fake, a fraud, a fool's post. The vast majority of people in prison are there for really bad things and not drugs.
    You win and I'm done.
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    Should teenagers smoke-no. Adults? With moderation? Not a big deal...imo
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    What the heck happened to America in the last few decades????? --- look, we are trying to legalize POT, that we know has a THC content, and has been proven to be a psychoactive substance which alters thought and behavior patterns in individuals who partake of it ------------------------------ and in America, we are trying to make cigarette smoking ILLEGAL ------------------------------ because it is detrimental to ones health!!!!! ------------------------- what the He** is wrong with us????
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    Mar 21, 2006
    Mechanic tweets asking for marijuana delivery, instead gets retweeted by police and sacked - Americas - World - The Independent

    Happened about 20 minutes from my area.
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    Jul 20, 2006
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    Well, I don't use drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), and certainly don't advocate their use by anyone, juvenile or adult, but...I don't see any future or good cause in jailing/fining tens of thousands of people for using a drug that's probably less harmful than alcohol. The only difference is that one is legal and the other is not. It's about time to clear the jails and prisons of these people and concentrate on locking up real criminals. Tax the stuff just like other legal vices and we'll all be better off, because just like prohibition, laws won't stop something like this - they just create a big business for the underworld.
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    Dec 14, 2003

    Good, he deserved it. Tweeted looking for drugs to be delivered to his workplace, while at work..stupid. Still, he got fired, not arrested. There is some misunderstanding here. I'm not saying people don't get arrested for drugs, or that nobody reads the internet. Mainly, my point is one post of the internet will not result in a swat team showing up at your house, shooting your dog and ruining your future. Drugs are bad, mkay.....still, lots of people in this country watch to much fear based media, and have lost touch with reality.

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