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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Jamesd1196, Oct 19, 2013.

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    And who gets to decided what is "extremely bad for people"?

    Politicians? Right, like they aren't agenda driven!

    Doctors? Sure, they don't want any "hobbyists" cutting in on their business of pushing pills to make people "better".

    Preachers? Isn't that kinda telling people what to believe is right and wrong?

    When you start telling people that something is "extremely bad" for them and they should be stopped
    aren't you appointing yourself a judge of their lifestyle? Sounds like a few steps from statism to me.
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    She Chinese?:whistle::whistle::-P:-P
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    Hassidic Jew, oddly enough...
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    here is Brian Wilson talking about drugs (the famed songwriter/musician of "Beach Boys" fame) -- take it for what it's worth, but at least it is the perspective of someone who used drugs ----- and if you listen ---it's not all positive ----

    Brian Wilson talks about drug use on QTV - YouTube
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    Oct 9, 2013
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    You seem to have a big chip on your shoulder about this. Statism is the government telling people what they can and cannot do, and unfortunately, our country is rapidly headed in that failed direction. However, I am not the government, and I have no legislative or legal authority. You seem to be assuming I am advocating for the increased criminalization of pot users when all I have said is that it is a stupid thing to do that often reduces one's productivity significantly. And I will continue to say that--as it is an accurate thing to say.

    The understanding that recreational drug use is bad profoundly evident to anyone who will look. Who among us does not know several people whose lives' have been ruined by recreational drug use? I'm not talking about being arrested and going to jail, I am talking about their reduced ability to work and function in society. Pot smokers frequently wind up putting themselves in a perpetual state of mediocrity, as do those who drink irresponsibly. And just because it may be offensive to hear that said or see that posted does not take away from it's accuracy.

    All of us should strive for excellence in all we do, and smoking dope just isn't a path anywhere near excellence....................
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    I thought the topic in this thread was recreational use. No?
    Brian Wilson, and legions of other pop/rock musicians, hardly used recreationally in the sense that we might be talking about here. They took drugs addictively and in massive quantities, often for years.
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    But do you think that was how they intended it to turn out?

  8. gzent

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    Nov 5, 2003
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    Your talking about how bad drugs are, so bad that no one should ever use them.

    The reality is that one can make the same argument about all sorts of activities in life.
    Drinking excessively, eating excessively, not sleeping enough, etc.

    My point is that one should not paint with such a broad brush. Just because a substance is
    harmful if abused doesn't mean it should be illegal, nor should it's users be treated as societal anathemas.

    It's not a black and white issue, few things in life are.
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    NSA briefing : Something big going down on that trumpet forum. Hear a lot of chatter lately about drugs, booze, and guns. We have any trumpet players that could infiltrate that site?
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    NSA President : Are you crazy ? These guys are Trumpet players…. Do you want to get us shut down, leave them alone, the last trumpet player we dealt with almost ruined us !! Go after an organization thats not so hostile, like the Navy Seals or something....

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