trumpet playing and weed

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Jamesd1196, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Some substances are harmful even if used once, like LSD that can take people on hallucinogenic terror trips from which they never fully recover. Young, non accustomed people drinking in binges are prone to ethyllic coma, which can progress to death if undetected and the person is left to "sleep it off."

    In most traditional cultures, mind altering substances were used in a very controlled environment, presenting as a religious/spiritual ceremony and these have common features: The person using the substance was prepared, monitored, and the others involved had some familiarity with the adverse effects as well as some clues on how to deal with them. Yet these events were known also to have significant risk. In any case, it is definitely not something that can be qualified as "recreational." To the contrary, it is a dead serious, life changing event. The casual attitude of Westerners toward the substances indicate how much they miss the point of the whole experience: there is nothing casual about it, it is a spiritual experience lost on one who is not spiritual to start with, the substance is only part of the story, and it is a social event, happening within a group. The safety of the user lies with the group, as well as the usefulness of the experience. I recommend reading on the Bwiti tradition of Central West Africa, which uses the Iboga root.
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    Len Bias did crack cocaine ONCE!!!! It killed him!
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    The best high a trumpet player can get is nailing a part or solo, followed by wild applause. No drugs needed...

    Romping through the gears on my old Ironhead Sportster down a country road is another good high. It clears the mind and relaxes me instead of polluting my body.

    As far as I know, neither will land me in jail (unless I get caught greatly exceeding the speed limit)...;-)
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    "drugs are NOT needed by a person with talent" --- "I did my dose of LSD, it shattered my mind, I came back, thank God, in I don't know how many pieces" ----that is what BRIAN WILSON SAID -----------------------------------------------------------------------------now KT SEES YOUR POINT!!!!!! Brian Wilson only took TOO MUCH DRUGS ---- thanks for the clarification!!!!!
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    A watched boy'll never pot.
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    Dayton, Ohio my question is what are your guys' opinion on playing music while high

    About the same as making love to my lover in public. Best done in private, when the time is right.
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    The understanding that most things are not black and white is a definite step toward wisdom. However, the inability to evaluate or take action because one cannot “navigate the grayness” is a step back from wisdom. If “Issue A” has 55% negative traits and 45% positive, then it would be painting with a broad brush to say the vast majority of “A” is bad. However, if Issue A is 90% negative, then saying the vast majority of A is bad would be accurate.

    I think alcohol use (BTW, I don’t drink) falls into the 55% okay category. Meaning I think most people who drink are responsible, don’t drive or work while under the influence, etc. Pot use falls into the 90%+ bad category as does recreational drug use. Therefore it isn’t a broad brush to say recreational Pot use is stupid, whether it is legal or not. I say the same thing about drinking in excess........

    BTW, BOTH pot smoking (need a medical card but anyone can get one) and drinking are legal in my state. I am not advocating making either illegal.
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    Authoritative sources to confirm that 90% statistic, please?
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    Please tell me how alcohol, which impairs judgement, makes people angry/violent, makes people unable to walk in a straight line is worse than weed, which makes you think about things with an open mind, find things funny, make people relaxed, and makes you tire and hungry.

    I don't do either, but alcohol is far worse than weed. Show me one case of weed induced death/violence that isn't biased by anti-drug beliefs. I know I can show you thousands upon thousands of alcohol related deaths and acts of violence PER YEAR.
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    I wonder if we haven't been trolled!!!??? Of course the OP is in hiding (or the door has already been kicked in and he's in jail). The back and forth has nothing to do with the OP. He /She is a teenager with a pot smoking habit. Daily use is not recreational. For all those that want scientific "proof ", I inserted a link for your convenience in my first post, fourth post in this thread. If Duke University isn't scientific enough for you, you, duuude, been toking a wee bit too much marageewana! I have a kid on my block that toked from 13-18!! He didn't do it daily like the poster. Even he admits he has memory problems. It's sad because he wants to be an engineer but he is struggling with the math. There are NO redeeming affects for teenagers (the poster) to smoking pot /weed! Daily use by this poster could ruin their trumpet playing abilities. Even worse, they could end up being a drummer!!! Think about THAT when you give weed smoking advice. Do we really need more drummers?????

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