Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by oohhh yeah, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Hi Rowuk,

    I was just kidding!!'s the first time I've joked on the forum!!

    I still read!!

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    Oct 31, 2003
    I have a daughter and son-in-law in their last year of med school. You would not beleive how close that is to the truth!

    Some of the stuff they tell me gives me very serious doubts about the quality of our medical care these days!
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    Nov 22, 2007
    My father in law was Medical Chief of the most important pediathrical hospital in Spain...
    BTW I'm lucky to be Spanish (and European). TOP QUALITY Medical care unlimited for free (well paid with taxes) for all citizens...
    GREAT !!!
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    Jun 18, 2006
    Actually, I am in a really great mood these days. I have had 25 concerts since the 20th of December and the only damper was New Years Eve, where the "Jock" 3rd trumpet with a triple D crapped out on everything in the staff. It was just a reminder to me that education of the kids is the most precious thing that we have.

    If I seems like I am being a little tough, it is only on things that I really consider not thought out. This is an open forum and as you all notice, we do not make a habit of censorship. Still, why not let the thread owners know how I feel about a certain subject. If they are not here to cause trouble, the quality of their posting improves dramatically with feedback. We have even given some a second start with GREAT success.

    Again, IF we pay attention to our bodies, exercise proper care and respect, find a doctor that tells us the truth instead of perscribing pills to handle the symptoms, we will be able to "feel" what is good and not good. The same applies to a trumpet teacher too!

    Blindness to reality and ignorance are a major cause of medical problems in the developed world. A recent study in Germany shows that as income decreases, the amount of fast food and snacks increase.

    Of course we have other diseases that strike with little or no notice. For those people, I reach out. It is sickening to see how many challenge their fate though.

    To end on a light note, there are enough clarinet and viola players that would prefer cardiac arrest to what some brass players put them through.
  5. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    No trumpet playing is not bad for you! What is bad for you is not eating right and not getting enough exercise etc...... I do not believe their has ever been a cause of death ruled as "Death Due to Long Term Trumpet Playing" cardiac arrest,cronic heart disease,diabetes, obesitiy, etc.......

    You ever hear the warning disclaimers for ED medications on TV and Radio? They always say only for men "Healthy Enough for sex" must consult Dr. etc........... So even when something that is completly natural becomes harmful to your health it is not the act itself rather the lack of minimum health. You foolow me???? Trumpet's do not come with warning labels though and I have never heard of anyone getting a physical before starting band. So does not confuse a rather low intensity natural act with something that is detrimental to your health. For instance nothing a person does with a trumpet inthe pursuit of music can cause any harm to their body at all. If their heart rate or blood pressure rise's it is not because playing the trumpet is hard onthe body rather it is that they have neglected their body to the point that almost anyting other then looking at a computer screen is taxing to their body!

    On the other hand lifting weights while good for muscles can directly injury your joints or conective tissue even if you are in great shape. Driveing a car can kill you even if in great shape. Breathing in chemical fumes onthe job can slowly destroy your body over time even if you are in great shape.Playing football can kill you even if you are in great shape. You follow me? Their is nothing directly harmful about playing a musical instrument for a healthy person. I guess maybe you could slip on a puddle of valve oil and be impaled by a mouth piece or some other freak accident but I would not count such rare and idiotic events.

    In fact haveing ab owel movement can kill you if your heart is damaged or out of shape and you strain to hard your blood pressure can go sky high. This is one reason so many old people eat prunes and take fiber laxitive type products. Now one warns you about haveing a hard bowel movement. Your blood pressure goes sky high when ever you exert yourself in a strenious way be it lifting weights playing tennis or Nintendo. Haveing your blood pressure go up and down with activity is not that bad even huge peaks are ok like what is seen lifting weights because it is momentary. Longterm high blood pressure though that is a real killer.

    Anyone that experinces a huge spike in blood pressure or pulse when playing the trumpet has neglected their body for far too long! Seriously if someone is in that bad of shape they need to fix it or get used to the idea of being decrepted and broken down at a young age! Just because you might not be fat does not mean your insides are not rotting away like a tree from the inside out! Few people in America get too much exercise! It is said but true few musicians take care of themselfs in terms of health and fitness. Sure from time to time you will see a Jazz musician with some nice arm's but they are the exception not the norm. In fact I would say the average band geek has more in common with the average Chess Champ or computer geek same eating habits and same attention to fitness etc...... The good thing is that it is nnever to late to turn yourself around!
  6. oohhh yeah

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    Nov 23, 2008
    B.C. Canada
    I am 14, and I can do 40 pushups. Can you do 40 pushups?
  7. oohhh yeah

    oohhh yeah Pianissimo User

    Nov 23, 2008
    B.C. Canada
    I will post the article here if I can find it.
  8. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    No offense but 40 push-up's is not breaking a sweat for me but is admirable place to start. I know one boy your age that has worked up to doing 1500 push-up's in one workout. He does not normaly do that many in a single workout but he wanted to see what he could. So he would do a set of around 75 reps then stop catch his breath and drop and do another and another etc.....

    If you are interested in bodyweight training I recomend John e Peterson's book "Pushing Yourself to Power" it is a wounderful book and has a wwealth of information in it. John e Peterson advocates working up to 1500 push-up's spread through out the day and trying to do 500 body weight hindu squats in under 18 minutes. Now he does not say you have to do that kind of volume to be fit it is just what he has found to work well for General Physical Prepardness for himself and for many top notch athletes fromthe past. He does not advocate weight training at all he does though teach a plethora of body weight movements, loadless training like VRT/DSR, Isometric training, and dynamic self resitance movements simalar to the old Charles Atlus Routine's. His book on Isometric's is titled "Isometric Power Revolution".

    If you want to know some of my athletic highlights I will list some.

    At 160lbs. I routinely squated 500lbs for front squats usualy in sets of 5-8 reps.
    At 160lbs. I benched around 248 for sets of 12-20 rep's and regularly did 200 push-up's per set when doing push-up's.
    I could slam dunk on a regulation 10 foot hoop from 6th grade on up.
    I started training in martial arts ar the age of 4 and continued until I started H.S.!
    I varsitied in FootBall,Wrestleing and Track my first 3 years.My forth year I moved and had some eligebility issues so I ended up running varisty X-Country and Varisity Track and Field and joined the Weightlifting team at my new school.
    I started lifting weights when I was 2nd grade with light weights and doing a lot of body weight training and in 5th grade my Dad let me start training heavy with weights.

    My Senior year inthe 224lbs Weight Class in the American Drug Free Power Lifting Association teen class my Best bench press in competition was 425lbs., Deadlift 650lbs. and squat 600lbs. , I did power cleans with 315lbs. for set's of 10 reps. I routinely did dips and pull-ups with 50lbs.-100lbs. slung from a dipping belt. My best 40 yard time was 4.2 seconds. I had a really bad knew injury that took about 10 years to full heal from a combination of too many blow's to the side of the knee in foot ball and a bad car accident. The combination was just too much and Ihad to pass on college wrestleing, track and ball. I had already signed letter of intent. So while I am a hack when it comes to trumpet and do not have the skill to stand toe to toe with hardly anyone on this site I am qualified in fitness forums.

    I currently bench press 405lbs for set's of 10, I squat 500lbs for set's of 10 do most of my cleans and snatch's and such with a 70lb. Kettlebell for anerobic endurance work. For everything besides squats, cleans snatch's and deadlift I use my Bowflex. When I am one the road or feeling run down I do mostly body weight workout's and I have a small travel gym that fit's in my glove box and can replicate from 2 onces to 650lbs. of resistance. In fact the Gemini Space program used the same device I have in the capsule to prevent muscle wasteing and reduce spasims associated with weightlessness.

    Oh you will even catch me playing on the play scape at the park with me kids I love to climb ropes do monkey bar's and hide in the tires!!!LOL I do not let the fact that I was crippled for three years and got fat slow me down! In fact I have just ramped up my training because I need a second surgery on my ankle that has a 6-10 month recover time. So if I get it down which might allow me to start running again since I was running 10 miles a day prior to my injury I will only be able to train my upper body for the 6-10 months that the tendon's and ligaments are healing in the ankle from reconstruction surgery! That is long time to go with no cardio and no lower body training. I am already planing a diet around the recover phase i n the hopes that I will not gain any more phat! I take fitness preety seriously I just got side tracked for a while and was haveing a pitty party! I am over it now!

    So today I embrace body weight, free weights, BowFlex,Isometrics, Loadless Training and Chi Mind COntrol Training from Mike Dalton in a very eclectic mix! I toss in some eliptical work for cardio dureing the witner time. I train for health and for fun so I can afford to have some aimless off beat training mixed in. Dureing the summer when my boys and wife are rideing their bikes I have a $500 race kick scooter designed for full grown adults that I use to keep up. My boys play sports of their own chooseing. I have them doing mobility and body weight exercise's again because they want to copy Dad. I encourage them to workout but I would never make them any more then I would make them join band. Exercise has to be for you and for no one else other wise you will not stick to it long term. This is why I do not worry about what is the best exercise most days I just make sure I move non-stop for 45 mintes to and hour at a brisk and some times uncomfortable pace.

    Also Ross Enmint(sp) His book "Never Gymless" while a bit pricey is also a great read for body weight exerciser's!
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    I'm 70, and I've got MS and COPD. If it weren't for the trumpet I'd just be sitting around waiting to die. If one of these days my left eyeball pops out and I bleed to death, all because I attempted to play a double high C, so's been a helluva ride.

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