Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by oohhh yeah, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. et_mike

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    Oct 16, 2007
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    I would change some to most.... it takes that long to finally get comfortable with who you are with the horn! Wilmer I hope that you get to play for many years to come!!
  2. oohhh yeah

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    Nov 23, 2008
    B.C. Canada
    If this is true, mind if you post a picture of yourself? Because if you can really do that, you'd look something like this, and I'm pretty sure you don't look something like that. Not bashing anyone, just a thought. [​IMG]
  3. oohhh yeah

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    Nov 23, 2008
    B.C. Canada
    Good point.
  4. tony h

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    Feb 21, 2008
    No , trumpet playing isn't bad for you but bad trumpet playing is good for no one......
  5. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    People have no clue how often their pulse and blood presure vary! Seriously run up a flight of stairs and if you are in good health you do not get out of breath or even feel your puls rise or blood pressure rise! It does though. Now if you are out of shape and just walk in place in front of a tv for a minute or two you might well have you pulse spike to it's limit and your blood pressure rise drasticly. It is normal to have spikes in both but the more out of shape you are the less it takes to impact these two indicators. I think you would find that a kid in band in still good shape even if they do not do much would not get much spike but a 45 year old that sit's on his can and only moves to take out the trash, eat and play the trumpet is going to show a lot of responce because he has basicly trained his body to sit and do nothing.

    It is so true that bad trumpet playing benifits no one!!!LOL I sent my son up stair's to practice a few nights ago because he was goofing off. Instead of makeing him practice strictly that night I figured at this stage any practice is better then none. He was trying to play improve style and trying to bend note's. Since this was his second practice of the evening and his first one went so well I figured heck I will let him have his fun just notin the same room with me!!! It was dreadful!!!
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    I think everyone would agree that exercise is good for the body. I don’t have time for working out much these days except for the isometric contraction of the abs with the double high C….lol.

    Live long and prosperous everyone! :thumbsup:

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