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    Jun 18, 2006
    1) my wife
    2) my friends (including my teachers)
    3) my fate or destiny that supplied me with opportunities to perform

    Notice something: has nothing to do with anything that I did.
    I believe that we are born with various talents, they can be musical or just the talent of patience and determination. I consider those to be prerequisites.
    When we focus on ourselves, we can easily lose the things that can keep us going. How many musicians get divorced because of an ego trip? How much did the partner help in providing breathing room. The same thing goes when we start believing that OUR TALENT ALONE got us where we are today. Google "standing on the shoulders of giants" for more about this!
    The opportunities early on determine a lot of our success later. Generally our music or band teachers and church music programs get us started.

    So after being greatful for all of the EXTERNAL things that even allowed us time and desire to practice, practice, practice, or afford THE teacher, or even supply us with the first horn that started the process - we can decide who or what 3 things need to be recommended to other TMers!
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