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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by CornetBoy, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    What are your immediate goals? Is 30 minutes meeting your goals? Then are they your goals or a teacher's goals? You may be selling yourself short if you do not have a teacher who has fast knowledge of progression through lessons and you are in fact, just randomly setting your own goals.
  2. Vulgano Brother

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    Mechanical clocks really don't have anything to do with practice. We do have an internal clock that gives us all kinds of wonderful information. Ideally, we practice until our chops, tongue and brains are tired but not quite exhausted. We put the horn down and do something else until it gets kind of boring, then pick up the horn again. What we want to do is establish a benign addiction to the trumpet, marveling in the sound of it, of our ability to forge music using it.

    Clocks are worthless in this regard.
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    Mar 3, 2009
    One thing I noticed about Trumpet Master is the large amount of wise guys. ..They always say Trumpet players are arrogant I am starting to believe it. My teacher he was so conceited he would show up with his "I ONLY PLAY BACH " Trumpet case around his back thought who he was big shot NYC TRUMPET freelance player" Cause the way some of you spoiled brats answer peoples questions is so rude and arrogant .Anthony
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    May 7, 2011
    I'm a spoiled brat!?

    I don't think so, that answer was spot on.
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    Anthony, If you want to take your wheat to the market you've got to separate the chafe, and so it is with music. I don't have a Bach Stradivarius, or a Martin Committee, or a Getzen Eterna nor do I have the expectation of acquiring any of these, but I'm tutoring 4 young boys whose parents report they are practicing a lot more than the OP (Original Poster) and I find their performance shows it. Would I want to demonstrate to these boys with a professional horn and the answer is NO, so I too play student quality horns. Still, personally I try to average 2 hours of actual lip time 6 days a week, except Sundays unless I'm playing in church. My 2 hours is divided with 30 minutes "lip" and 15 minutes rest, and always includes a regimen of sessions with Arban's or the equal plus rehearsing a wide variety of songs or at least segments of these. Thus is it it arrogant or rude to tell someone who isn't doing likewise that they should be doing so. Surely, I can't turn them over my knee and spank them because they don't. (No, today I'd go to jail if I did) but I was the recipient of quite a few whippings, "been grounded" or given F failures in class for not having my lessons prepared. Still, It didn't take me very long realize that if I did what I should have done, what I then deemed bad things didn't happen. POINT: Practice a long established regimen given in instructional texts and you will achieve. Don't and suffer the consequences.
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    You may have something there.
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    At risk of someone thinking I am being rude, the simple answer is if you need to ask if your are practicing enough then you aren't. If you feel you need to do more then do it.
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    I can see your point. The video game and cell phone part was entirely unwarranted from someone who doesn't know you. On the other hand, Vulgano Brother's post was interesting.
    As for how much to practice, try to practice more than you do now but not a lot more at first. Some people seem to have an ability to jump right into long practice sessions. For the rest of us, that would actually be very detrimental if the chops can't tolerate it.

    Use the "chops of the day" method: having a good day? play a little longer than usual, tackle the more difficult or longer pieces, try longer notes in the high register. Be careful, however not to overdo it, less you pay the next few days. Not so good day? Stop and acknowledge the fact, accept it, then adapt your practice: Stay in the staff, don't play as long, don't try the difficult stuff, or at least cut it in smaller pieces, perhaps do more technique. One thing that has been a major obstacle for me was that I did not rest enough between playing periods during a session, leading to premature fatigue. Pay attention to your sound: if it degrades, that means you need a break.

    As for cell phones and internet, I have actually found they can be helpful, although I prefer a good book: I get much better rest between playing periods if I have some sort of distraction. I get a nice coffee-table type book open on a shelf not too close to the horn and I go back to it between playing bouts, which makes me rest better than if I stay in front of my stand with the horn in my hand or close. My 2 cents.
  9. jiarby

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    May 7, 2011
    OK.. I'll give you the cell phone/x-box comment. :-) Maybe that was too much.

    Even so, the analogy may be ok if you think about it. If someone only plays World of Warcraft, or Halo4 for 30 minutes a day then they are going to get slaughtered endlessly when they play against guys that practice 8-10hrs a day.

    Trumpet is just like that.
  10. Vulgano Brother

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    Anthony, some trumpet players are arrogant, but if you stick around, you'll find our community does a great job driving them away here at TM. We have folk with years of experience, who have earned their right to speak with authority about things trumpet. Does everybody always agree? Heck no! Are we opinionated? Heck yeah! We have our share of Ford/Chevy kinds of arguments.

    That is what I see the forum as being all about: an exchange of ideas information, and sometimes even facts. For the most part I see the members operating out of kindness, because we are kin. Just don't expect everything to be sugar-coated.

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