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Discussion in 'Horns' started by seo-dave, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. seo-dave

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    Nov 15, 2003

    Saw a link to this forum at this NG where I've posted the question below. so far had no response in the NG (one email from a business selling used trumpets).

    Looking to buy my wife and kids a couple of new trumpets since they recently joined a marching band.

    I want to surprise them with new instruments for Christmas, so can't ask them what to buy, though I don't think they would know if I did ask :-)

    The band plays stuff like Witch doctor, Blue Moon, Fever (only tunes I recognise) and what sounds like more traditional band music.

    One trumpets for an adult the others for young kids (mostly for a 7 yr old, the youngest child). Although they are new to trumpets they are all into musical instruments (we have guitars, keyboards, drums and a few other bits and bobs, currently used daily) and will almost certainly play the trumpet for life. They play for fun mostly, no current plans to follow music as a career.

    So looking for something that is suitable for a marching band, playing for fun (they are learning themselves Christmas songs now), will last a fair amount of time before needing replacing (10yrs would be nice) and be good value.

    I'm thinking less than £500 for two trumpets, but would go higher if I thought it was worth it. I'm obviously UK based (hence the £s), so if there are any places to purchase from they must ship to the UK.

    Looking ideally for a product code or at least a brand name I can't go wrong with.

    I've found plenty of possibilities on Google, but not knowing anything about trumpets I'm lost. I was surprised to find new trumpets for under £110 though here and a few other places. If I could get suitable trumpets for £150 or less I could buy three.


  2. Tootsall

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Your best bet is to get them a set of Olds Ambassadors. Used. Probably the least expensive, highest quality "student" horn out there. The little ones could use cornets instead of trumpets. Cornet is a bit shorter, the "long bell" design more typical of American cornets can sound very trumpet-like with the right mouthpiece on them. Louis Armstrong started out on cornet.

    Other could fairly easily get your money back out of used horns if you were ever to find yourself in the position to have to sell them "from lack of use". They'll be a LOT less expensive than buying new.

    A cornet for the little 'uns places the sound a bit closer to their face so they can hear themselves easier, the horn is shorter so the valves are easier to reach for "little hands and little arms", and a cornet is just ... "funky" to own and play.

    Other brands that are good buys from the used market would be the Yamaha student line trumpets and cornets (you'll probably have a better chance of finding them "over there" than the Olds line). Any Kanstul-made horn (American) is considered to be very high quality for the price...great value there. They used to contract build for Boosey & Hawkes for the N. American market (but not the Euro market...B & H had those horns made elsewhere..not sure where).

    I understand there are a couple of good brass shops in London. Another guy who might be really happy to get you a lead on some horns is Roddy...he lives in Wales (I think) and his website is Send him an email and explain your situation. He posts in this TM website from time to time but may be busy and not having time to read these right now.

    Edit: Oh...those "new" trumpets for 150 pound or less? Stay FAR away from them. They are junk that is mass produced somewhere in Asia. Any resemblance between them and a musical instrument is purely coincidental and limited to appearance (from a distance) only. If you want your family to give up music get them a set of those...otherwise buy a recognized "name brand".
  3. Jarrett

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    Nov 11, 2003
    Richland, MO
    Ok, here's a major tip. Contact Leigh Mckinney over in the Eclipse forum. He runs a brass repair shop over in Dunstable and can definetly get you on the right track as far as horns. Make sure you talk to him, he's a nice guy.
  4. Anonymous

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    Oct 21, 2003


    Leigh from Eclipse Runs his own forum on this site. If you need to contact him you could send him a Private Message through the site!

  5. Tootsall

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Oopsie...forgot that Leigh did repair work too. Guess I had shiny new Eclipses twinkling in my eyes! Yeah...what the above two guys to Leigh.
  6. eclipse trumpets

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Hi David!

    I think i can help you out if you need some trumpets for a good price.

    I can get you anything you want and probably already have it, we are a factory,( not a store) so our prices are second to none!

    If you are interested please fell free to message me or call me, you will find all the contact details at


    Leigh Mckinney
  7. camelbrass

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    Nov 5, 2003
    Dubai, UAE

    I think Andy Taylor has some trade-ins as well. He also makes his own trumpets and isn't a shop, he has his own forum as well. He's based in Norwich if that's handy.

    Other than that it's all good advice. Stay away from the sub £150 ers even though they may have B&H on the bell they are made in Eastern Europe or China/India/Indonesia. Yamahas are always a consistent bet. Its a pity that Kanstuls aren't readily available in the UK (apart from Phil Parkers and they tend to only carry the high end stuff). They have a model call the 610 which retails for about $500 which everyone who plays it raves about. You could always ask Jack Kanstul on the Kanstul forum.

    Cornet is a great idea for the younger ones..second hand B&H 600 (intermediate) series are fairly common in the UK and with the strong brass band presence are very well accepted in lieu of trumpet. If you're looking for dealers try John Myatt in Hitchin Hertfordshire.

    Hope this helps.



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