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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Mason, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Mason

    Mason Pianissimo User

    Oct 7, 2008
    yes at the moment but who knows the the future has hold for us?
  2. NickD

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    Thanks for the post, godchaser, but I'm still skeptical. I'll believe it when I see it, UP CLOSE! ;-) What constitutes artificial lips? For them it could be a membrane transducer slid over the end of the mouthpiece, much like the ones used in old salpingometers. However, that is just a speaker in disguise.

    I do appreciate your post. Thanks!

  3. godchaser

    godchaser Banned

    Jun 17, 2007

    "I'll believe it when I see it, UP CLOSE!" -Nick

    Indeed Nick. No room for faiths, when we're talking about technology's impact on the future of society. I couldn't agree more.

    "Sad..." -gbdeamer

    Not sure why you say that gb. I doubt we'll care about the shifts of who is accommodating the majority of minor-gigs. My meaning is that our interests will expand, right along with our earning capacity. Leaving us with a great deal more free time to play for ourselves, family and friends. Or if we prefer. Time to prepare, for major-gigs. Not forgetting too: the expanse of the Music Industry itself, by way of human-intelligence augmentation. The numbers of accomplished Players will increse, as will playing styles. There's gonna be ample room & audience for anything we'd care to pursue. Provided we don't let the times pass us by, which simply isn't possible. Making ourselves available to advantages in 'Pimping our Ride', won't be any different than upgrading our cell-phone, or computer. -No fuss, no muss. :)


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  4. edcon1981

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Central Jersey
    oooh, a star trek reference; now i can chime in. Commander DATA was not a great violinist, he was an excellent reproducer of written violin music. this was actually discussed in quite a few star trek episodes. DATA's playing (in the star trek world) is regarded by many as fantastic, but shunned by the true artists simply because it is a reproduction of what's written. there is no feeling, no emotion, no change... more importantly no flaws. even the greatest musicians make mistakes, it's HUMAN. The only time DATA were to make a mistake is if he were to malfunction. DATA cannot improvise, cannot freestyle, all he can do is play according to his programming, that meaning he is only capable of playing exactly what is written.

    makes you wonder if it can read a fingering chart... :dontknow:
  5. Bob Grier

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    May 4, 2007
    Greensboro, NC
    Until they can get the data saved on something at the atomic level such as positrons. An AI brain can never be as complex as a human brain no matter how much mapping they do. besides the human mind is much more than just the brain. For example, what is thought, intuitive thinking? How does the the genius of a Mozart, Einstein, De Vinci or Newton work?
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  6. jim miller

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    Sep 25, 2008
    It's already here. Ever work around the new Electronic keyboards?? Less tham 1 in 10 bands that come thru where I ive in the winter actually play all the music. One band I played in had a request for Happy Birthday and the person who controlled the keyboard could not play it. I don't think the Trumpet sounds that come from the keyboard sound like a real trumpet either, but others dont know the difference or dont care. fortunately I have found a group of "live" musicians. jim
  7. godchaser

    godchaser Banned

    Jun 17, 2007

    "..fortunately I have found a group of "live" musicians." -Jim

    There will be plenty of work, we're interested- to be had for everybody Jim. :) -Likely though, it's my Motorhead mentality that has me partial to the nearing inevitability of MAN/MACHINE emergence. Myself: i couldn't feel better about things. Or be more of an enthusiast, than i am already.


    "Until they can get the data saved on something at the atomic level such as positrons. An AI brain can never be as complex as a human brain no matter how much mapping they do." -Bob Grier

    It's flattering to consider ourselves in this way Mr. Grier, but the Brain isn't nearly so complex. That's to say, its 'functionality' is complex, (which is being mapped as we speak, with ever-increasing aptitude and efficency) -but the brain is not vastly complex. The measure of Intelligence it's capable, is, vast & infinite. Nevertheless, the Bus, or the Brain- and the so-called non-biological brain; remains a Bus. The point is the human brain's complex-function, and its functional mirror of computational ones and zeros, isn't synonymous or dependent complex form. Course, the convenience and necessity, the size our Bus, or our Brain needs to be. Is adequately represented by the present strides of (miniaturization) in nanotechnology-based computation, (at the molecular level). Which is further lending itself to the next shift in femto engineering on a scale of trillionths of a meter- and pico engineering on the scale of thousandths of trillionths of a meter- going into the finer structures of matter, and manipulating some of the really fine forces, such as strings and quarks.

    Fifteen to twenty-five yrs is the suggested timeframe of achieving a commercially viable synthetic-brain, but that's conservative by a long-shot, given AGI will likely be realized to many differing degrees, over the next decade. The implication being that an artifical intelligence with the capacity of independent, (or non-programmed higher-functioning) in abstract problem solving. Given its exposure to biological-intelligence. Will integrate, and improve our working models of engineering and development, as a result. Which is exactly what's happening already. Computer aid in advancement of working-knowledge is the norm. Conscious non-biological intelligence is just natural-extension in what's business as usual. As is our own improvements, in proximity of non-biological intelligence, or Conscious Machines with no meaningful distinction from Human Beings.

    "..besides the human mind is much more than just the brain. For example, what is thought, intuitive thinking? How does the the genius of a Mozart, Einstein, De Vinci or Newton work?" -tm

    They were just fortunate to have less brain-dysfunction, that inhibits what we'd consider genius. Intelligence is intelligence, as consciousness is consciousness. We draw distinction from one to the next, accurate of our envirnoment, but it is a distinction that's defined. My meaning is the foundation of genius is no more vast, than its dysfunctional counter. Obviously the tools/brain, arun't ever the mystery that enables the composition of timeless music.


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  8. rowuk

    rowuk Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    At the end of the day, what does the mechanical trumpet prove? To be honest, music making is there to feed the soul.

    Video games are a very good example of how to mushroom a whole generation (you know - keep them in the dark and feed them........). Some people may consider this entertainment, I think if we seriously look at the effects, we are just coming up with electronic addiction and a replacement for true intelligence. Young people learn how to win with cheats instead of hard work as well as being suckered in to consume, consume, consume. I do not want to hear about 21st century "communication". True synergy like in the trumpet section, where 1+1 is far greater than 2, is simply not possible.

    Nope, the trumpet is deadly enough for me, I don't need any batteries, I earn what comes out of the front and bury all the suckers still looking for a cheat! Bring Toyota on!
  9. edcon1981

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Central Jersey
    here here.

    trumpet playing robots? no good can come of this.

    ironically it was a disney movie that got my fat a$$ back in the gym. if none of you have seen disney's wall-e, see it. not only is it hilarious, it's an eye opener and strikes an awfully close chord to what we're talking about here. the movie takes place in a future where robots take care of a human's every need, food, entertainment, eating, etc. in the movie people are so reliant on robots that they have all become barefoot bulbous wheelchair bound sloths that can't walk. a person doesn't have to do a damn thing, and when that system backfires and the humans have to take care of themselves they can all barely stand.

    surely a society such as this is centuries away and is all conjectural, but it definitely opened my eyes.
  10. trumpet_man

    trumpet_man Piano User

    Jan 17, 2008
    You're right about that. Our technology is still decades away from anything like artificial lips that can play trumpet. There's no way a robot can do that. I don't think people realize how much precision is involved in playing the trumpet. And there's no way it could ever sound like that. You're one of the few who didn't get fooled, it's obviously done with hidden speakers, and good quality ones too.

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