Trumpet swan dive

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by gglassmeyer, May 20, 2008.

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Back in about 75 or 76 (High School) we were out on the field preparing for our Friday night football game drill. At that time we had about 75 Drill Team girls marching with us. Amazingly all they had to do was put one foot in front of the other and remember the order. No horns to play, just march and that was tough for them. Well, this kid had just gotten a fresh out of the wrapper Strad. First kid at our school to have one. He was a pretty good player but he came with an attitude (no worse than the rest of us trumpet players though). As we were standing there in block formation waiting on instruction for our next series, this bonehead drill team girl decided to practice her high kicks. You guessed it! She kick the horn out of his arms which sent it flying through the air about 15 feet over two ranks only to land sharply on the corner of the bell. IT was toast! The kid had a temper anyway and we all figured the girl had it coming so we just stepped back and let him get him some of her. He was really giving her what for when the Director finally came over to stop it. When he found out what happened he sent the girl off the field (probably for her own safety) and then had a talk with the kid. It was fixed in a week and you couldn't tell it was ever dented.
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    I jsut got my new strad...

    Well I was nice and safe with it, but I had no idea that Pit Orchestra could be dangerous. I put my instrument down on my chair and then went to go help some oen.. the other trumpet player was sitting on top of the pit and accidentally kicked over another chair onto my chair with my trumpet. I got two bad dings. I also go one going into my third vaulve from my lead pipe thing.
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    Advice from my old bandmaster: "If your trumpet isn't in your hand then put it in the case!"
    He was quite adamant about this. I followed his advice for years until one sad night a drunken saxaphonist dropped his tenor onto the bell of my Benge flugelhorn that was sitting in its case - with the lid open.Ensure the case is closed too!


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    Just after I joined the New Zealand Navy Band, I heard the guys talking about their top Euphonium player that (while loading the bus) "accidentally" put his Euph behind one of the bus wheels. The results are now framed in the Nay Band rooms, but nobody knows whether it was really accidental or not. Apparently he hated the thing :cool:

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