Trumpeting by Nature by Jeanne Pocius - a review

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    I’ve sat down numerous times to write a review of Jeanne Pocius’ new book “Trumpeting by Nature†without success. The reason is that each time I start writing and I open the book to check a fact I find myself getting immersed in the book and continue reading until once again it’s time to turn off the lights and head off to bed. I think I’m on my fourth reading now and I’m still finding new things that get me thinking about the trumpet, trumpet playing and trumpet teaching.

    Jeanne’s teaching style is extremely inclusive of most of the methodology available to trumpeters. She states in the book (and I’m paraphrasing, because if I start reading the book this review will not get finished….again) “Use what works for you and discard the restâ€

    This is not a book of exercises. Other than the CHOPCHECK at the end of the book there are no musical examples at all. This is book that quite literally TELLS you how to play the trumpet. It tells you how to breathe, how to hold the trumpet, how to position your lips, how to tongue, and how to do all these things in the easiest and most efficient manner FOR YOU. It also SHOWS you how through the use of many clear and well shot photographs.

    I believe the lack of musical examples was consciously planned in order to make the reader truly THINK about what they are doing every time they pick up the trumpet. She states that her job as a teacher is to make each student their OWN best teacher, to work out their difficulties in practice by thinking about the HOW and the WHY of it ,to pay attention to their own development and to take a certain amount of responsibility for their own progress. After all, teachers may be lucky to see each of their students for two hours a week. What about the other 166 hours? How much day to day influence can they have?

    This is a book for students, teachers and players. Everyone can learn a great deal from this well planned and well organized 345 page guide to easy and “natural†trumpet playing. Here is the Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 The Roadmap (How to use this book)
    Chapter 2 How DO You Hold the Trumpet? (Plus Adaptive Techniques)
    Chapter 3 Sitting Pretty: Posture for the Trumpet Player
    Chapter 4 K.I.S.S. With Your Lips (Keep It Soft and Supple) + Anchor Spot ID
    Chapter 5 Well, Shut My Mouth! (NOT!)
    Chapter 6 The Power of the Pout (Developing the Lower Lip) + Isometric Exercises
    Chapter 7 What's Your Angle? (Finding your natural pivot and angle)
    Chapter 8 To Buzz (Or Not to Buzz, that is the question!)
    Chapter 9 T4 (Terrific Tongue Technique Tips)
    Chapter 10 Hold That Tiger! Harnessing the Power of Your Air
    Chapter 11 The Daily Diagnostic Chopchecktm + Creating a Daily Practice Routine
    Chapter 12 Swimming through the Woodshed (efficient practicing)
    Chapter 13 Extreme Techniques ("Save It Til You Need It!")
    Chapter 14 Fix-Its (Recovering from Fatigue or Injury)
    Chapter 15 Making Lasting Changes
    Chapter 16 Painting a Personal Style (The Palette Approach to Trumpet Playing)
    Chapter 17 Walking the Walk (Practicing What You Teach)
    Chapter 18 A Word About Equipment (" How Many Mouthpieces In YOUR Barrel?")
    Chapter 19 Navigating the Jungle (Avoiding Professional Pitfalls)
    Chapter 20 Give It Back! It's Mine! (A Philosophy of Trumpet Playing)
    Chapter 21 Teacher Tributes (The Trumpet Family Tree)
    Chapter 22 In Conclusion ("The Journey Continues")
    Appendix I Biography of Jeanne Pocius
    Appendix II Excerpts from Posts to TPIN (Trumpet Players' International Network)
    Appendix III Exercises
    Appendix IV Equipment Sources & Services

    There is a huge amount of material covered here, and it covers everything from basic beginner concepts to professional performance guidelines. Best of all, it fits easily into any trumpet case as it only measures about 6x9. It’s great for you’ve got a break in a rehearsal counting rests. Just pull it out, open at any page and start reading…’ll be amazed!

    It’s available here: Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance: Books: Jeanne, G Pocius

    For those attending this years ITG conference in Amherst, Jeanne present the Daily Diagnositc CHOPCHECKtm from TRUMPETING BY NATURE on Friday morning, June 1st, at 7:30 am. I’ll be there and I look forward to meeting many of you as well.

    Sorry for the length post…..oh well, the book is worth it!

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    Adelaide South Australia
    Hi I reckon you have just re-written the book Congratulations.
    Good stuff, a great lead up to buying the book.
    Regards Mike.
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    Jun 17, 2007
    -Sounds good. :) What else should be on the definite read list?
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    May 29, 2007
    I have never heard of Jeanne so I googled her for more info.

    Trumpeter Jeanne Pocius

    Website seems to have alot of broken links. Can anyone post her bio. Who is she? Thank you
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    Jun 11, 2006
    I saw her signing books at ITG at Amhearst.
    I am pretty sure she is based in Boston.
    I should have talked to her.
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    Sep 2, 2007
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    The CHOP DOC Speaks
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    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    What would you like to know?<G> Here's my direct email ( jgpocius at yahoo dot com) and my cell phone (978-317-4731) feel free to call anytime.

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    (dramatic music swells) Do you think ...... chopdoc would BE this mysterious Jeanne Pocus????

    Tune in next time and see......!!!!!
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    Dec 2, 2007
    First, is your place in Boston reachable by public transportation? (I've been trying to live without a car. America is not a good country for this)

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