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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by mrmusicnotes, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Let them walk in your shoes - (make it an old pair, because they may just keep going and you will have lost your footwear). ;-)
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    I'm just a hack amateur comeback player, but here's my take. The problem in some of our TM threads is not one of elitism, the problem is arrogance. There's the arrogance of the know-it-all, who really does know what they're talking about, but alienates people with bad attitude (Actually, this is pretty rare). However, much worse is the arrogance of ignorance. The know-nothing who feels that just because they're entitled to an opinion, no matter how ill-informed, that opinion is the equal of any other opinion put forth (Sadly, this is not rare). I can tolerate the first of these more than the second, because there's something to be learned. The second of these has nothing to contribute and, worst of all, doesn't even realize it. That said, arrogance is never welcome whatever the source. Most of the best players I've interacted with, pro or amateur, are humble, hard working, willing to learn, and encouraging of others. Seems like a good model to me, and one to be emulated.
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    I can't say I've read anything here that looked down on people for not making money playing trumpet. However, I'd definitely agree that several posters on this site have shown a lack of fondness for people who play trumpet for deliberately amateur fun.


    Thanks for taking a risk and starting the thread.
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    Additionally it is HARD to read emotion !! Sometime I read a post and it can really seem as though the poster is really mad.....when he's actually not mad at all it's how I'm interpreting. Smiles go a long way to help interpret what the poster is trying get across.

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    Hi Mrmusicnotes. Markie here, Just tell the people who think that way to kiss your as... err.....wait a minute, I can't say that. tell them to eat shi.... ooh wait i can't say that either. Do what I'd do. Ignor the ignorant fools.
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