Trumpets in contemporary/popular Music

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by T Bone, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Thanks folks, a few to look out for, and some from Misty that I hadn't thought of at all- thanks! I think that the "Close To Me" part will be something for me to work on if work gets quiet in the next week or so.

    I'm sure there are dots for some of this stuff, but working it out is part of the enjoyment for me, until I get stuck and frustrated!

    I hadn't even thought about the blue-eyed soul/big band revival stuff, thanks Misty! There is an sweet wee trumpet riff on the Paolo Nutini tune "Pencil Full Of Lead" (not sure if he's noted in the States yet?) which I have to play any time my 4 year-old nephew is around (that and Twinkle Twinkle...) I think that genre might be good for some more delving and playing. I hadn't even thought about all the Van Morrison stuff with lovely horn parts on it too!

    Keep 'em coming!

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