Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by mcbrocks, May 2, 2007.

  1. mcbrocks

    mcbrocks New Friend

    May 2, 2007
    Im a know-nothing-about-trumpets:dontknow: at all and i would like to find out which brand of trumpet is the best for beginners.
  2. Stile442

    Stile442 Piano User

    Mar 26, 2007
    Deland Fl
    If your just starting out a student model horn will be your best bet. There are many companies that make them Getzen, Bach, Yamaha, Olds, etc etc Just check your local shops and see what they offer. But remember always play the horn first to decide if you like it. Hope that helps
  3. Frippel_C

    Frippel_C New Friend

    Apr 28, 2007
    The brand I had was a Jupiter, dunno if you have them where you live but they are great :)

    But as the previous speaker said, just play on a bunch and take the one that you like the best. It's like choosing who you should marrie, it's nothing you change or should regret.
  4. rowuk

    rowuk Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    If you do not know anything about a trumpet, buying one does not make any sense. A good teacher is key to getting started and THEY should recommend something.
    Even if you play a bunch of horns, it tells you nothing because you don't have any chops to prove anything! Get help - anything else could be a waste of money!
  5. void

    void New Friend

    May 2, 2007
    ummmm.. ive been playing the trumpet for about two years now. An my band instruction is asking us to flutter tongue can anyone give me an tips, on how to do that
  6. Manny Laureano

    Manny Laureano Utimate User

    Sep 29, 2004
    Best way to approach it is to hear someone do it and try to imitate it, Void. It's like vibrato in that sense. At two years of playing it's best to listen and imitate IF you like a sound and then be persistent if you don't get it right away. That's important, that last part.

  7. Kent

    Kent New Friend

    Apr 25, 2007
    Vancouver, BC
    You might want to consider renting (where I am you rent a student Yamaha for about $15 CDN a month. Then when you are ready to do some shopping you can do it with less pressure. I used a student Yamaha (paid $250 CDN for a good used one) and it was fine. Good luck!
  8. Toobz

    Toobz Mezzo Piano User

    Feb 5, 2007
    Yeah, why would you want to buy a trumpet ? You might learn how to PLAY ! :roll:

    If you can afford one, take the plunge. You've got to start somewhere, just keep it affordable. Renting is fine, but see if they allow you to apply your rental fees towards an eventual purchase .
  9. DevilishTrumpetPlayerGod

    DevilishTrumpetPlayerGod New Friend

    May 10, 2007
    Southern Tier
    When I first joined the school band we waited for about a month before actucally picking the instrument of our choice. My suggestion rent for a period of time then if you feel that you would like to continue then consider buying your own. It's like going to spend $200 for something you may only use once because you realize you don't actually like it.

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