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    Several weeks ago, I read someone post that they had kept a practice log (was it Derek?). I decided to start doing that myself, and chart for a while (I haven't determined how long to do it yet) the following:
    Date, time, session number (if I am doing more than one practice session a day) and what I practiced, including a breif listing of any issues (ie. sluggish articulation, poor lip response, whatever). This came about as a result of coming off a few weeks lay-off, and from a general feeling of a lack of focus and motivation in my playing.

    Anyone else game? Track improvements as well. We can then share our experiences, just comment on our progress over the next few months, share weaknesses, or what excercises we are doing to work through them. With the start of school, this might be good for some of the students here, as well. (Maybe your teachers require this?)

    An example from today's entry so far:
    7:00 am, session 1- Breathing from Yogi science of breathing (lung capacity excercise)
    BERP- Octave glissandi and 5 note scale sequences, modal; buzzing excercise from Schlossberg (connection issues at a break in my range, between 2nd line G, F and E)
    Leadpipe buzzing- long tones, listening for overtone to ring at a 3rd
    Ghost tones/Whisper tones, beginning 2nd line G chromatically down to low C, then beginning G up to 3rd space C
    Targeting excercise- 6 repetitions per pitch, slowly, G down to low F#
    -issues with consistency of response below A
    Flow studies 5 b5 5 6 8 6 5 3 1 (all halfs; last note whole; slurred) beginning in C, descending chromatically to end in F#
    -slight issue connecting Ab to F (went to Bb instead)
    Schlossberg #4
    Clarke Technical Studies: First Study, mm quarter=72, low C down to F#

    10:30 session 2
    Colin Adv. Lip Flex. Vol 1: etude #1; Vol 2: expanding to G; Vol. 3 section 1B
    Arban: p. 125 (see Manny's forum...the Carmen excercise; first day).
    Issues transposing line one to Bb and maintaining consistent tone register to register; some pivoting taking place.
    Longinotti #2
    Accuracy issues at the top end of the staff; a few wrong notes (c' IS in the key of B! I know, no excuse. I should be able to play it transposing for trumpet in E on a Bb, right? Ok, ok, I'll try it...).

    Entries don't have to be that detailed; that's just an example.

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