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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by chet fan, Oct 29, 2010.

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    From a real downer, this thread is starting to show promise.

    If first prize is a bigger ego, how are you going to bring it home? In sections and reassemble the pieces in a large storage facility/silo?

    BTW, I reread this before posting and added missing letters and corrected typos BEFORE I posted.
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    Rowakapalooza!! That's funny!! ROFLROFL
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    If you start this at the 1 hour 8 min mark, you'll hear about 30-40 min. free jazz stuff. Usually Herb Robertson is with us, but he couldn't make it that night. yiptv 08/09/10 07:37PM, yiptv 08/09/10 07:37PM yippie122 on USTREAM. Music Keep in mind, I didn't have the right size mouthpiece at the time...Now I got it going with a smaller diameter version of the Greg Black NY4...(NY4 is a copy of a Giard. MF1) All the best, Lex.
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    Every trumpet player alive, past or present, knows he is as a good a player as he is a lover. Post that on YouTube? Modesty prevents it!
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    Chet Fan:

    Since I have been called out, I will chime in: First off, I have never criticized anyone's playing ability, and as a matter of fact, I have never listened to any of the personal clips posted on this forum. I am here to gain knowledge from the vast store of knowledge among the professionals on this forum, and contribute to others what little amount of experience I have as a comeback player. To be honest, I'd rather play for my minister of music, a professional trumpeter, than for a YouTube video with poor sound quality, then face his criticism with objectivity.

    We are all different, and what works for one, does not work for another. I am not a professional, and enjoy my horn for my own enjoyment. As I improve, I hope to share my playing with others.
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    I stand by my statement, it applies to all of us, you as well, Chet Fan.

    "Music is supposed to invade your soul and move you, not cause you to wince. Play to put a tear in someone's eye or a chill up someone's spine."

    Maynard moves my soul :cool:. BeeGees make me wince :bash: , IMHO.

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